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How bad is it when one drinks water which is littered with cigarette buds?

Asked by rebbel (28673points) August 14th, 2010

The water was in a bottle, the bottle served as an ashtray.
The person who drank it was consumed in a computer game and thus was unaware of the water containing the (rolled) cigarette buds.
The water was a little brownish/yellowish.
I thought it would not matter so much as you will also get the nicotine in your system when you just smoke the cigarette.
Anyone has an idea as to the danger of drinking it?

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I doubt it will hurt him, but I almost threw up when I read your narrative.

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Unless the cigarette was smoked by someone else, I see no danger.

But tell him to pay attention to his real-life surroundings more. :)

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gross. assuming that he did not drink more than a gulp, he probably drank or ate worse things in his life, healthwise.

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She smoked the cigarettes herself, and she managed to make herself throw up.
She is still a bit worried though.
My stating that she smokes for ten years already and thus getting a lot of nicotine and other stuff in her system can’t take the worry away, for now.
Thanks for answering!

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@rebbel Nicotine will not hurt her; it’s an addicting agent. It’s the tar that can be a problem and it only is generated when the tobacco burns and is in the actual smoke.

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That is funny..I have known people who drank spit from someone who chewed. It was put in a beer bottle She was a bit tipsy,.Threw up a gazillion times but survived.

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i would think the ten year long history of smoking would bother her more than one sip of a butt soaked water.

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Harmful, No. Nauseating, yes.

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She puked, drank a lot of fresh water after that and felt normal the last hour and now went to sleep.
I’‘ll keep you posted in the morning when she has woken up.
If she wakes up :-) ~
Thanks for your answers, it comforted her!

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Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. I’ve done the same thing. Gag.
I think she’ll be fine, it can’t be any worse for her than McDonald’s.

Maybe she’ll quit smoking them now that she’s swallowed them!

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