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How do I upload a picture with my questions on fluther?

Asked by tinkerbell00 (32points) August 15th, 2010

I need to add a picture to a question I asked earlier today about a bone. I know there must be a way to do that, I just can’t figure out how! can someone please help me out. THANKS!

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Fluther itself does not have a system of uploading pictures to post in questions.
However, there are many free, easy-to-use websites for uploading pictures, such as and (These are my two favorites. There are hundreds upon hundreds of other image uploading services out there though).
The link to put into your question is the “Direct link”.

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Let’s say I want to add a photo of Picard to this post.

I google Picard photos and get this page:

Then I click on the photo I want and get that page:

Now you want to know how I make it a link, right?

I write the word I want to be come the link, say “Picard”; then I put the word Picard in parenthesis, like this: “Picard” and add a colon after the word so it looks like this:


Now I copy the link of the photo page of Picard and paste it right after the colon:


Got it?

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@zenele Very good explanation, but those aren’t parenthesis… they’re quotation marks. :)

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