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How much is customary to pay a preacher for a wedding?

Asked by benkreeger (92points) March 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

My fianceĆ© and I aren’t too sure what to pay our preacher for wedding us (in a couple of months). He’s a friend of the family type-of-guy; our wedding is about 70 people or so, and we really don’t know what amount is proper to pay the preacher. Any thoughts, answers?

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This is something you, the groom, should do in private, before you leave the ceremony. I gave our preacher $80 for his services, and he is my in-laws neighbor. It really depends on how generous you are, and what kind of service he is giving you. Also, fold the money, so he can’t tell how much you’re giving him. Most will try not to take it, but be very insistent. Good Luck with the marriage. I hope you two have a long, prosperous life together!

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You might also want to slip the money in a Thank You card if you want it to be a little bit more formal.

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You could ask one of the church officials what is customary. A friend of mine was married by his cousin, and he paid him $100.00.

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in my culture, the Cajun culture, after the ceremony and reception the Groom walks out with the preacher and thanks him and hands him cash. He usually gives one hundred dollars which is rolled up and placed in his hand.

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These are all great responses. Thank you!

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If you think your preacher won’t accept money, you can also offer to make a donation to his church or to the charity of his choice—he may feel more comfortable with that. And you can ask him what is the customary range for such a donation in honor of officiating at the wedding ceremony. Since money is such a taboo subject in our culture, people are often more comfortable telling you a range rather than a specific amount. If you choose to do so, give something in the middle to high end of the range, since a preacher will likely give a very low number at the end because he won’t want to make you feel pressured if you can’t afford it.

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So sorry – I answered the wrong question here! So silly. The answer to this one is – ask. Most officiants have set rates.

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Depending on your religious affilation it may vary. I gave my preacher $100

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