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Why did you choose that picture for your avatar?

Asked by CherrySempai (1137points) August 15th, 2010

(This question is directed to the people who don’t have pictures of themselves or fluther-given avis!)

So, why did you choose that picture? What meaning does if have for you? Did you just think it was funny, cute, or neat? I’m very curious! :)

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My husband (Blondesjon) and I like to have matching avatars. We’ve been peanut butter and jelly, Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie, Marcie and Peppermint Patty.

These are just a few examples. We have fun thinking of new couples for avatars.

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I found a superb picture of a jellyfish. It seems to fit!

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My answer is in my profile, at the bottom of the upper section. I thought I’d better explain there because some people seemed to think it was a picture of me. I’d love to look like Cate Blanchett, but I don’t.

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It’s one of the very few pictures of myself that I like.

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It’s what I’ve got for now, but I just thought it was really funny. Some church signs get pretty funny. :)

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Mine makes me look cooler than I actually am. I mean, it’s Tyler Durden smoking a cigarette. And everyone knows that smoking makes you cool.

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It’s a shirt that I actually own.

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I am too paranoid to put an actual picture of myself up as an avatar so I used my SL avatar which is bloody close to me IRL… I am paranoid but still vain.

It is not perfect but am still working on it.

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I think it’s better to use a real pic of me so that people can have an idea what I look like in the mean time I don’t want people to see clearly what I look like.

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The one I’m using now is an amusing John Willie drawing, picked out by my fiance Jacqueline. I change them frequently, depending on my mood. For a while, I used a photo of John Astin and Carolyn Jones as Gomez and Morticia Addams, I loved that show. Once in a while, I’ll put up a picture from the farm.

I don’t post my own picture for about the same reasons @Arisztid doesn’t put up his.

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I chose mine because it seemed cool to me at the time. Found it somewhere on Flickr or something. Looking at it again later, noticed that it lost its nuances when shrunk, but I’ve been too lazy to change it. Pretty much just a green square to squint at, meh

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Even though I know it’s not a picture of you, I still picture you looking like her. I always picture people as their avatars (if it’s a picture of a person), no matter who the person is. Zen looks like Patrick Stewart in my mind. It’s just how it is. :P

Also, I chose my current picture because it’s awesome. ‘Nuff said. :) My friends and I were at my house swimming and I just said “I wonder if you guys could hold me up”. And that’s what we did. Hence this picture was born. :P

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My insides and outsides don’t match so instead of a photo of me, I use a picture that feels like me instead.

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@MacBean The choices of clothing reveal one’s personality

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I love words, letters, typefaces… in real life, I collect the letter “N” for my last name, but that wouldn’t make sense, here. So, it’s an “A”. I also collect birds. Since I have no skill for this type of thing, @Jeruba very kindly makes my avatars for me. She’s a peach!

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I have had many different avatars in my time here for all manner of reasons. My current is the first that I actually took myself, and I just love the photo so much I wanted to post it.

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I chose this picture, because if you squint your eyes really hard and use as much imagination as possible, it resembles a jellyfish.

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It is a pensive pose of someone who worries a lot.

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My dog is cuter than me. Hell, he’s cuter than everybody!

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This question is discriminatory against me and other jellies! I thought there were rules against questions like this!

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1) Not big into putting pictures of myself ( I only have 1 pic on my facebook and that is cause you kinda need one lol)
2) I change my avatar here and there depends what is on my mind the most , money, music,stocks,ideas, politics, personally pissed off etc…..

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Thanks, @jesienne, likewise!

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I can’t put a picture of me there, that is too scary. I like trees and tree houses. I wish this tree house was really mine.

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I think mine explains my personality in a funny way

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I like eyes, so when I come across a picture that I like I put them in a folder for later use.

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I love owls. I had my actual face, but then I got nervous that someone I wrote a question about might stumble upon this and get hurt. (Also why I changed my fluther name).

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I am pretty much a goodie goodie.

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It is me! And, I AM the man. ;-)

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I collect everything pegasus and unicorn (statues, figurines, paintings, decorative plates, etc) because they are fascinating mythological variations of one of the most beautiful creatures on earth, the horse.
See ya….....Gary/wtf

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When I became Wundayatta, I felt like I had just come out of years in some dark prison. I didn’t know if I could stay out, so my name is also the motto I am trying to follow: one day at a time. Just for today, I will stay away from the things that harm me or make me depressed. Just for today. I can do that. Just one day.

For me, it was an emergence. So I googled “emergence” images to see what showed up. The butterfly felt right. It is emerging from its cocoon, just as I am. Even better, it’s wings are bright and beautiful, and that’s where I want to be, one day.

So my name is a method and my avatar is the shining star I reach for.

This is in contrast to who I was before. Before I called myself “Daloon,” the loon. The crazy guy. Insanity was my badge of honor. It was a noble and horrible job, and I worked and worked, but just because I was mentally ill didn’t mean I was crazy. Even so, I wanted to claim crazy as a matter of pride, because the mentally ill are discriminated against and we are just as good as anyone else when treated properly. Sometimes even when not treated.

My avatar… hard to describe. Most people saw it as buttocks, and in truth, I did find it by searching on the term “ass.” But it also had a world map photoshopped onto it, and I liked that, because my concerns are global. I was a crazy damn asshole who never let himself feel good enough. Well, I say that as if I had a choice about feeling good. I didn’t.

But now I do—feel good and have a choice. I want to stay feeling good. I am so tired of feeling bad. So now I am emerging from my hell and every day I stay out here is a beautiful day. Just for today, I can stay out here.

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Keeps my memories alive of the best dog that ever lived!

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Its the cover of a Rammstein single called “Mein Teil”, Meaning in this case “My Part”.

It references the following sweet true story:

zenele's avatar

I had sex with Mr. Stewart right after drinks one night, and we exchanged photos. In his honour, I frequently use it here. Sometimes I use my grandfather’s; Bill Shatner.

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My avatar is a super mouse by the name of Stuart Little!

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Not entirely sure why I chose an avatar of a guy sitting inside of a question mark (although it is fitting for a Q & A site). Maybe because it conveys some deep & poetic meaning that works on many levels both literally & metaphorically. Or because I thought it was cute & it makes me appear more intellectual than I really am.

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My avatars up to this date simply reflect aspects of myself: Alice from Rackham’s “Alice” because when I was a young girl, I was told I looked like Alice (in those illustrations). Shari Lewis because she reminded me of all the retro things I still adore….and the current avatar is probably me…from a past life…but of course! lol

They are all just playful expressions of my life…simple.

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It was the only one that wasn’t too big to upload and now I can’t change it for a non fluther one grrrrrrrrr!

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I love wolves. I am 100% in love with wolves. They are the singers of the night.

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@MeinTeil I friggin’ love Rammstein.

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My mom lives in Pennsylvania, my brother lives in California, my other brother lives in Virginia, and I live in Colorado. It just so happened they all were here at the same time a few weeks ago and we hadn’t all been together in years. So we took some family shots with bananas on our head, and this picture makes me really happy.

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This is an actual road construction sign that someone photographed in Albuquerque.

I have a lot of crazy and indicting ideas and opinions, and I’m wary, in general, of posting too much identifying information online, so I don’t use my face here. I used to use a distorted image of my face back when the avatars were smaller, but it didn’t look as “good weird” to me when Fluther switched to a bigger avatar.

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Mine is my avatar from Second Life. Its a sort of idealised version of what I would like to look like, if I could be anything I wanted.

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@deni Your family is awesome.

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I started out with the Town Dog, then I added all my dogs, now you will have to enlarge it to see the new addition! I love my dogs is why!

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I picked an ancient rabbi because I wanted to appear wiser than I am. I once replaced it briefly but brought it back quickly by popular demand.

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I switch avatars alot. Depends on my mood. I do not like the same avatar for too long. Once in a while I may show my actual picture.

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@Austinlad, and all along I thought it was Charles Darwin.

By the way, just for today, I’m Cate’s cousin Cake Blanchett. It’s in @augustlan‘s honor.

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@Jeruba , @Austinlad : Looks a bit like DaVinci…

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Because I like it.
Because I use it as an avatar on most chat programs / forums / social networks.
Because it represents me.

Because it’s LINEAGE II ^^

Oh not to mention that I used it for a very long long period of time and when I tried to change it people started asking questions that I did not want to answer.

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I just changed mine again. This time it is of the Town Dog taking 2nd place at her very first RallyO event! Hooray for Town Dog!

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@rooeytoo :What’s a “RallyO event”? I’ve done a lot of dog training and eventing in my time, never heard of it. Is it an Aussie thing? My curiosity is piqued!

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@JilltheTooth -Here is the wiki link describing it. It is all over the USA, still pretty rare in my end of Australia. It is a lot of fun, much more relaxed than traditional obedience competition. The dog does not have to be trained as perfectly and for dogs like mine who are troublesomely intelligent, she does not get bored so quickly! We do this and agility until she gets older and less energetic.

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Looks like more fun than the traditional stuff! I had problems with smart, bored dogs as well. Made for funny, but not so much on the trophy or title end… :-)

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Mine is a photo painting called “the clearing”, a piece by Robert and Shana Parkeharrison. I like the work and solitude and human production in it.

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Not just anyone gets their picture taken riding an elephant in Thailand.

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Well let’s see…
My favorite Mario character is wario, and I really like his motorcycle. So there. I might change it in a few days. But yeah, go wario. Yah. Lol.

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