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Can I get bloodwork done at an out-of-state lab?

Asked by augustlan (47745points) August 16th, 2010

I live in West Virginia, but see a doctor in Maryland. He wrote me a lab order for a whole slew of things, one of which is a fasting test. It would be more convenient to have all of this lab work done in a local lab (and I wouldn’t have to starve myself for as long). Is there any reason I’d need to go to a lab located near my doctor?

I have no health insurance and will be paying for all of this myself, so that’s not an issue.

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They should be able to fax the results to the doctor’s office.

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There should be no problem at all.

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I’ve done it. Call your insurance and check. Asks what labs are ok. I once did tests at Quest Labs in NY when I lived and worked in FL. I had no problem.

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Yeah, like the others said, it doesn’t matter. They can send over the results, no problem.

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I did not read your full Q, you say you don’t have insurance, then definetly no problem at all. Check with the lab what forms of payment they take, so you have no trouble on the day of the test.

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Thanks for the reassurance. This also means I won’t have to share a 50 minute drive with a large jug of pee. Yay!

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The doctors information will be on the order, the lab will send the results to wherever the doctor is. Expect that they might take some time getting all of your info, and doc info, into the computer. If it is a national lab like Quest, and that is who you usually use at the docs office, maybe all of the info is already in the computer? I don’t remember.

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I’ve had test results sent from Quebec to New Hampshire, not only different state but different country, no problems.

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I work in a clinical laboratory and we welcome customers from any location to our lab. We are always calling and faxing lab results to doctors outside of our healthcare system. It would be foolish for a clinical lab to turn you away.

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