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If anyone has seen No Country for old Man. What happens to the suitcase of money at the end?

Asked by gildo (42points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t now what happens to the $$ @ the end of the movie…

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I thought the three mexicans got it, the ones that drive off in the truck. The suitcase started with the Mexican man, went In like a circle, and ended with them. Crazy movie! Just saw it sunday.

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Mexican? Maybe he was Cuban. How do you know? It was a great movie!

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Oh, I’m almost positive that Javier Bardem took it… there’s the shot of the dime next to the grate, Tommy Lee Jones makes a comment that the mexicans were in and out too quickly, and Javier Bardem pays the little kid with a $100 bill, mirroring Llewellyn when he goes to Mexico.

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nvm he was Mexican.

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Hmm.. Interesting.
I really liked that movie. Didnt really get tommy lees dream at the end of the movie.
Maybe I’m just not clever enough to get it?so javier found it in the field? Or llewellyn goes back and gets it?

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llewellyn goes back to the border and gets the suitcase. later you see his wife with it and then at the end when chiguhr comes to kill her, she says most of the money has been spent.

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@ surlygirl – Hmmm… actually we don’t see her with the suitcase. She said, “I don’t have the money”. “What little money I had is long gone by now.” Clearly, Chigurh is not carrying the suitcase when he leaves Carla Jean’s mother’s house.

Chigurh may have gotten it out of the air conditioning duct at the hotel. But, he wasn’t carrying anything when he walked away from the accident. Maybe the Mexicans did get it.

As for Tommy Lee Jonen’s dream…He told the old guy in the wheelchair…“I figured when I got old, God would find me…well he didn’t”

To me the dream,speaking of his father, and seeing him again…God found him.

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Did anyone else see it in the theater? When I saw it, the lights came up immediately at the end as if it were stage direction. Just curious if that was the case for anyone else.

Re: the question, I don’t remember. Sorry.

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In modern theaters the lights are controlled by small strips of foil tape placed on the film by the projectionist. The actual raising and lowering of the lights couldn’t be manipulated by the studio on the the film since every automation system is different. A outboard, center, and inboard cue will trigger Dolby-A on a FM-35. That might be a lights-up cue on something else.

The odds are good that the projectionist put the wrong cue when the credits started rolling. Or the automation system read the cue incorrectly. That would happen to me a couple of times a month. And I have probably put over a thousand of cues on films.

Usually the lights have three stages. Full, half, and low. When the film isn’t running they are at full. During the trailers they dim to half. When the movie starts they drop to dim. When the credits roll they go back to half. And when the film drop they go back to full.

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Cool. Thanks. Well, it was very effective (as if waking up from that dream), despite being a mistake.

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@glial: it’s been a few weeks, but that is how i remember the dialog. however, i am getting old and my memory is definitely not what it once was. i thought carla jean had the case in the taxi.

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This issue is left unresolved intentionally. To me, the movie wasn’t about what happens to the money but what the pursuit of it does to the morality of the men. That being said, I’m sure llewellyn was the last person to see it. He probably hid it somewhere before going to the motel to meet his wife since he wasn’t carrying it with him.

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@Surly – He had the case by the pay phone, called her, and she was going to meet him at the hotel in El Paso. Watching it again now, lol.

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So, I was right I didn’t miss that part.. I thought I had missed that part of the money.. Like jz1220 said it was unresolvd
and no one got the money. The reason llewellyn goes back to kill the wife its because he didn’t get the money either. That’s why he said that he is keeping his word to of killing her. Llewellyn said he had the chance to turn in the money to him.

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