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Whats the best way to get fit over the summer?

Asked by michaeloliva (36points) August 18th, 2010

Ive never been fat but Ive never had a great build either. Im mainly aiming to build muscle. What are some good exercises for a male student to get in shape.

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Well…considering summer is almost over. lol
Are you talking about NEXT summer? haha

Okay, seriously…eat less, move more, work out with weights, eat more protein, less fat. Simple formula.

Walk/jog 30 minutes every day to build your legs and maximize your glutumous muscles. lol

Wear leg weights.

You can do your own weight routine or join a gym temporarily to get an idea of the perfect workout for you.

Do not over do as you build condition and learn the proper form for squats etc. so you do not tear a muscle or throw your back out.

I’d suggest a trainer to get you on track for the first 6–8 weeks.

Or research weights and routines online, with pics. to show you proper form, or go to your local Borders or wherever and browse the fitness section.

It will take about 12 weeks of dedication to see strong results shaping up.

You will notice a dif. by week 3 though.

With proper diet and excerise you should be a great shape in 6–8 months.

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Do you live in the southern hemisphere? If so, you have a chance of reaching your goal. Otherwise, redefine the time frame to include autumn and winter.

It is always a good idea to talk to a trainer, coach, or someone on your PE staff at school. Then you can get a custom program designed for your age, experience, weight, and any present injuries or vulnerable body parts.

One size does not fit all; and the general rule is to start slowly, see how your body reacts and increase very gradually. It is easy to injure yourself by over-zealousness and improper form..

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