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Is 20 minutes of jump roping just as good as 20 minutes of running/jogging?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) January 10th, 2011

On the days where it’s raining heavily outside I don’t want to run in that. Would replacing my regular cardio with jump roping be sufficient?

I understand I wouldn’t be hitting the same target muscles, but I think it would be enough of a workout in general.

What are the benefits and problems of switching between these two exercises?

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My understanding (limited to say the least) is that you’re getting better cardio with the jumprope than the jogging, though you are working a far more limited muscle group.

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No problems what so ever. Jumping rope is a great exercise. For cardio, it will depend on your target heart rate. 220—(your age) X 80% gives you your target heart rate for cardio work.

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Yes. It’s actually better cardio (although, I seem to actually remember reading that it worked more muscles than running, not less).

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My (extremely cursory) research suggested that jump rope worked a smaller muscle group to a greater degree but I sure would stake my Fluther-cred on it.

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Jump roping is a better cardio workout. But it also is a great cordination exercise that you would never get by running. Thats why boxers jump rope so much. It helps thier balance and foot movement.

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It is better to switch exercises actually.

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Jumping rope might actually burn more calories because you are changing up your workout.Some fitness websites suggest that you could burn 300 calories in 20 minutes if you jump rope at a faster pace or if you are doing interval training.

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Yes. If anything, you are exercising a somewhat different set of muscles, but the cardio value should be about the same.

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Yes. Any kind of movement involving your legs and arms increases heart rate and circulatory demand. Anyway, it is a mistake to put all of your cardio “eggs in one basket”, i.e. exclusively jogging. You will adapt and plateau, diminishing your exercise return on investment, plus it invites injury. It is good to mix it up.

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I would think it would be better from a cardiac standpoint. From a joint standpoint, worse.

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@perspicacious Actually running is worse on your joints because of the impact. When you jump rope (if your doing it right) your bounce on your toes and the balls of your feet. Therefore it doesnt cause that much impact damage. Running however causes more impact damage in the knees and ankles. Especially if your running on sidewalks or even the older treadmills.

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It depends on how fast you jog and how easy you jump-rope. After a while you can get very good at jopping rope so that you can do it with minimal effort and therefore minimal aerobic benefit. Hearing a heart rate monitor will help to keep you on track to getting a good workout.

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@ryan9305 OK. I used to run and just had a knee replacement, so I know running will wear them out.

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That’s exactly what I do! When I dont feel like running, I jump the rope. It’s better than nothing at all. In fact, its just as good as running provided its done at high speed/vigorously…

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