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Has anybody ever invaded your privacy?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4859points) August 19th, 2010

How did you feel and react? Did they find something you didn’t want anybody to see? Did they blackmail you?

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I hate when people get drunk and slap their arm around you to talk to you. I politely remove the arm, then I just smile and nod….smile and nod…..

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Yes. I always have a journal on my person to write stories, poems and thoughts in. When I was in high school, a girl whipped it off my desk and began reading it. I was mortified. She told me how great my stories was, but it didn’t help. It was the equivalent of peeking into my heart and poking around.

Aside from that, there was this messy business where a friend of mine logged onto my sister’s account and read her private messages in which she referred to him. I considered it a betrayal of her trust, my friendship, and didn’t speak to him for nearly a year (he approached me.)

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I’ve been cyber-stalked pretty enthusiastically. I’ve had to learn about firewalls, proxy servers and the like very quickly. Thank goodness I never trusted the web for anything financial.

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My daughter would get up in the middle of the night and read my emails !! I have not seen her in over a year , fortunately.

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I had a neighbor with a pair of binoculars….what a pervy jerk

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@Blackberry I hate that, too. I have long hair, so they always pull on my hair when they do that.
I had an ex-boyfriend that went through all my stuff, old bills, address book, found my passwords and used them to hack into my computer, and in general, was a colossal ass.

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More than once. First time is when I was a teen and my mother invaded my privacy by reading my journal. What resulted was one of the biggest fights I’ve had with her my entire life.

The second time it happened involved someone obtaining all of my passwords and then changing them, thus locking me out of my own accounts.

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My mother saw a note I wrote to my boyfriend at that time which talked about my fear of being pregnant. That was when I was twelve and I didn’t even know anything about how to even get pregnant.

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yes in the not so distant past. I think it’s really really wrong

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Oh, I answered the question incorrectly lol…...

My ex-wife hacked into my accounts as well. She changed my profile to make it look like I was gay. She was 29 and I was 22 so that shows how mature she was.

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@Blackberry haha Really. wow Never thought of that . It’s kinda funny. I am sorry.

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I was a victim of identity theft via information obtained by someone who hacked into the UCLA Alumni Association database. Fortunately. on their first bank credit application, a Bank of America employee had concerns of an abrupt out of character address change and contacted me. By that time, this person had a telephone service in my name, had run up a bill with them and had an approved Lowe’s credit card in the mail. I didn’t lose any money (the telephone company wrote off the money owed), but it took some time to close out the fraudulent accounts and institute protective measures to avoid a recurrence with the three credit bureaus. It was frustrating and disheartening watching someone use the name whatthefluther and my Social Security number, birthdate etc, with some success, way on the other side of the country.
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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An ex psycho bf photcopied my old address book, the kind you used to write down phone numbers in as well (before cellys) and when I left him then he called everyone in there to tell them I’d run away. I’d told people well in advance my plans to leave him and many were in on the secret moving day so they just played along when he’d call and tell them how “worried” he was for me to be out on my own.

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