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Have you ever found yourself (as an adult )getting excited over a child's toy?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) July 1st, 2016

I mean really excited so that your heart skips a beat as it would have when you were a child. I know it sounds stupid but a few hours ago I saw some huge, shiny beach balls for sale and the look of them struck a chord with me. I wanted to stop and buy one. I did not do so of course because not only would it not of any use, but I also felt silly for having had those almost uncontrollable childlike reactions over a silly kiddies’ ball. It has happened before with a doll, bubble liquid for blowing bubbles( I got myself that ) and balloons!
Strange thing is that I did not experience a deprived childhood at all! Why such immature reactions? Am I the weirdo yet again?
Any of you ever had your heart skip a beat upon seeing a toy?

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I’m at a point in my life where I feel anything that brings you joy and doesn’t hurt anyone else is worth indulging. Why judge yourself if something makes your heart “skip a beat”? Enjoy the feeling!

I haven’t felt that way over a toy recently but there are other “childish” pleasures I’ve enjoyed.

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Does Warhammer 40k tabletop game count as children’s toy? because I am very guilty of being excited over the miniatures… as recent as of 20 minutes prior to posting this.

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All the time. I still play with tangrams.

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I really am just a 12 year old girl inside. I went to Disneyland on Tuesday for my wife’s birthday and when I saw Disney Tsum Tsum plushies I clapped and jumped up and down.

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Minecraft PE just got updated with new evil mobs… So…

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I am always finding delightful things for my two elementary age grandsons.

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The question pretty much defines my life. After a lifetime of “grow up” I am now allowed to pass the defect off as raging senility.

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@ZEPHYRA Please don’t feel silly or embarrassed. Being childlike isn’t the same thing as being childish. Knowing simple joy – finding the wonder in something – is precious.

To answer your question, yes! I was in a doctor’s waiting room that had a basket of toys. I spotted an Etch-a-Sketch; I’m not exaggerating when I say that I was ecstatic. I was having so much fun, I didn’t want to go inside for my appointment. The receptionist was so amused, she insisted that I take the item home with me and continue enjoying it.

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I could never consider that immature. If having fun is childish, there’s something very wrong with the world. Don’t feel like these feelings are wrong!

To answer the question: Yes. I can’t really pass Schleich animals without studying some of them. I bought my last one when I was 18. I get that sense of childlike pleasure outside of stores, too. It makes me climb trees and ride my bike through deep puddles.

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I’m the guy in the toy aisle pushing all the buttons on the electronic toys setting off all the bells & whistles
I love squeezing black ball horns too as they make the same sound as poking tits <PARP>

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Well, I wouldn’t say my heart skipped a beat but recently I was watching water balloon videos with my little 9 yr. old friend ” Sydney” and got really excited about making water balloons. I bought her a big tube of cool green balloons and we are going to make water balloons and play catch with them next time we get together. I’m a 4 yr. old at heart. Still love colored markers to draw with, Play Doh and bubbles.

I recently saw this giant swan pool floaty and really wanted it but it was like $300.00 haha

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My heart still skips a beat when I see toys. These days I find that I get excited over some board games. I still have the same excitement over some toys I wished to have as a child. My love for “child” things doesn’t stop at toys, last month I bought some children comics on sale because they were good looking. Oh, and don’t forget I still have my teddy bear on my bed :)

Thanks to this thread I’m more certain that I’m completely fine. People around me tend to automatically assume that someone with a toy hasn’t grown up yet. I can see that they lead a boring and unimaginative life.

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My wife bought me a remote control BB-8 Droid for Christmas. Daughter got me a light-up Thor hammer for Fathers Day. My office has three shelves full of Muppet action figures, Marvel Comics mini-busts, and a Marvin the Martian metal lunchbox. And, I’ve currently got my eye on a six inch, die cast Millennium Falcon at the Disney Store I may just buy for myself.

So yeah…once in a while.*

* alltheflippintime

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I still love Strawberry milk and Ptter Pops. I have about 300 Otter Pops in my frizzer right now. The nectar of summer for kids at heart. The body may be aging but the mind is still childlike. Note: Child like does not mean childish! haha

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This is embarrassing, but whatever, fluther knows all my secrets.

A couple weeks ago my friends were late for a party that THEY were hosting. So I got to the house and sat in the car for quite a while.

There was a toy baby giraffe sitting on top of one of the parking meters. I (kind of?) subconsciously but not really think that stuffed animals have feelings after watching all the toy story movies. I thought about how someone forgot this thing there and it was about to start raining and how it would get washed into the gutter (where it would be sad, I guess??).

But also I thought about how there were probably strange baby germs on it. Then it started to rain in earnest so I put it on the dashboard of my car. After disinfecting it, it lives with my other stuffed animals now. I have a build-a-bear that’s a jedi that I made while day drinking at the mall and a beat-up stuffed bear that glows in the dark that I’ve had since age 4.

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I suspect that the pleasures we feel as adults are mostly reflections of the pleasures we first experienced as children and long may it continue.

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My weakness is for toys that demonstrate some scientific principle – gyroscopes, kaleidoscopes and sippy birds. I bought one of those birds that looks like it is defying gravity because it is balanced by its beak on a pedestal. At work I have one of those light powered dancing flowers – definitely worth the dollar it cost.

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Lego still makes me insanely happy. If friends have grandkids over – and they have Lego – I’m joining in the building party.

Love Etch-a-Sketch – bought myself a keychain version so I can always Etch-a-Sketch when I’m in the mood.

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