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Have you ever used a external USB CD burner with a net book?

Asked by Squeeky (149points) August 19th, 2010

I am thinking of getting an external USB cd burner for my netbook and wondering do they work well,and do they produce good Cd’s??

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I used to have one, but it never got used, ever! They work really well you plug em in, mine was recognised out the box, no software and away you go…

Only any use these days if you are burning cd’s for the car/stereo or dvd’s to watch on the TV…

but yes, there just as good as internals…don’t pay through the nose for them though, you can get a good Samsung one for £30/$35

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I haven’t, but a good friend of mine (whose opinion on such matters I trust implicitly) uses one and says it’s great. He’s even stopped adding optical drives to his desktop machines because the USB options for CD and DVD are good enough.

However, I’ve had a netbook for two years (which I love and tend over like it’s my only begotten son) and I’ve never had occasion to use an optical drive. Do you really need one?

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