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Anybody have plans for december 21st 2012?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) August 19th, 2010

on December 20th I’m going to climb a tall tree and just as it hits midnight I’m going to scream WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Anybody else got plans.

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I don’t even have plans for tomorrow, let alone a date that far in the future.

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I don’t generally plan that far ahead.

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There will indeed be a big bang. That’ll be me & the wife enjoying bedroom frolics though :¬)

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I plan to breathe all that day and the next.

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probably will be doing last-minute christmas shopping online and looking forward to christmas day as usual. this 2012 thing is a hot mess. just live day by day.

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I will be all day on Fluther, screaming: “Told you nothing would happen.”

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I’m going to borrow tons and tons of money! From banks, friends, strangers, and loan sharks! Then I’ll use that ton o’ money and rent a really cool place and throw a big party, with an open bar! And I’ll party hard, knowing that I won’t have to pay anyone back. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha HA HA HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH. BAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAH!

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I am going to give birth to eight babies like a beagle.
or maybe not…I don’t even know what i am going to do next Wednesday;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Planning on having your own TV show in 2012?

I wouldn’t mind having an “End of the World” party, even if the world didn’t end.

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mrentropy -Like the Duggars??Those horny !#$%^&! XD

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I’ll be looking forwad to my birthday, which is December 22. I will also be looking forward to all this crazy talk to be over with.

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I’ll probably visit my local church so I can get “saved”, that way I can go to heaven despite all the sins I’ve committed.

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Knowing my friends and I, it’ll be some excuse to party. We’ll have an Apocalypse Party. :)

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@rebbel—I’m not even going to wait that long. I’m going to say it again for about the 12th time on Fluther. NOTHING’S GONNA HAPPEN.

hey @daytonamisticrip, search on Fluther for 2012 or go to this link and to get even more answers

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Eat cornflakes, watch t.v. and masturbate.

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I don’t have any plans. I’ll probably be finishing up Christmas shopping or wrapping Christmas presents.

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My friends and I have been talking about having an Apocalypse Barbeque for a while. If we are going to die that’s where I’d like to be when it happens :)

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I’m going to get naked and run through the woods and howl at the moon!

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@BoBo1946 Please PM me with the address of the woods you will be running nekked through.

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@chyna LOLL will do! That hit my funny bone!

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I don’t even know what I’m going to wear to work tomorrow, let alone what I will be doing December 2012.

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@BoBo1946 you laughing at me?

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Yes. I plan to be sitting near my fireplace enjoying a Christmas special on TV and thinking the world ends every day for someone.

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@pearls why heaven’s sake, i wouldn’t dare!

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@BoBo1946 that’s good cause I carry a set of brass knuckles and I haven’t had to use them yet. :-)))))))))

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I’m gonna grab mah gun and go inna woods.

12/21/12 will be almost as bad as Y2K, I’m afraid :-(

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@pearls loll I’ll try to be better.

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@FutureMemory loll….we go way back to answerbag..

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I usually visit NYC in the winter. So I guess probably that.

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Nothing different than I do any other day. Rebel took my answer and yes I will be doing the same myself on Fluther. I will then be waiting for the next doomsday date to occur.

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I will be drinking Jack Daniels. On December 22 . I will have such a hangover.

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All of you who have your mind set in one place about 2012 how can you be so sure about yourself. No one on earth noes when the end truly is. It could be tomorrow or a million years from now.

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I’ll be getting ready for Christmas, making lots of goodies. Perhaps there will be a Christmas party that night. Wrapping presents. It’s hard to really say. But I definitely don’t buy into this 2012 scare just like I didn’t buy into the Y2K scare.

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I will be doing the same as I do on December 21st every year – realising it’s only 4 days to Christmas and panicking about how much I still have to do, buy and wrap.

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@daytonamisticrip Why worry about 2012? How do we know if the end won’t be until 2013, 2018, 2025 or 2099? Maybe the end will not come? You could walk outside 2morrow and get hit by a truck and it wouldn’t matter anyway. People need to worry about their own lives and not this doomsday dribble. Just a friendly reminder, do not buy into everything you read about.

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I do not worry about 2012, I simply want to know what other people think. I am always posting new questions, not for answers but opinions.

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I’m going to have a huge party because it’s an excuse to…. :)

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No doubt same as every year – panicking about having only 4 days left til Christmas and not finished the shopping yet.

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