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How do I set up/assign voice dial on a Motorola cell phone?

Asked by mark (225points) March 5th, 2007
Recently got a bluetooth headset. Can't find the menu item for recording and assigning my voice to numbers in my contacts. I'm pretty sure it's a universal process (or nearly universal) for Motorola cell phones that support voice dial (mine does).
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I don't have motorola, but I know with my phone you actually have to do it through the phonebook feature. Usually you can edit your contacts and on that screen assign a voice command. Try looking there =^)
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Most current Motorola phones use VoiceSignal software. I'm buddies with the art director for VoiceSignal, and he never lets me forget it. Their software automatically detects your commands when prompted via bluetooth or phone and can figure out who you want to call. Most of the time.

It is a tad annoying when you can't remember the exact name you stored each contact under, and wind up accidentally calling your mom at 2:30 in the morning and leave her a drunken confused voicemail, but meh.

I briefly had a Motorola V3r and it did have a function in the phonebook to record your own voicedial entries on a per contact basis, so it may be model dependent.

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