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Are some brands of butter superior to others or is butter simply butter?

Asked by Aster (18996points) August 20th, 2010

I have recently switched to a store brand of butter and I think, but am not sure, that it doesn’t taste as good as Land O’ Lakes. Do some brands of butter taste better than others or is butter simply butter?

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I do prefer some brands to others, and strangely enough it’s the stores own brand that i prefer to the more expensive one. How strange is that!?

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I like Land O Lakes. It has such nice packaging. And so buttery.

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Oh, definitely some brands are better then others. For cooking I think store brand butters are basically the same, Land O’ Lakes, Spartan, Dairy Fresh, etc.. (but my mom swears by Land O’ Lakes). I actually splurge on more expensive, quality made butter for my personal use, and you can definitely taste the difference. That would be organic butter, Virginia made butter, Danish butter, or Double Devan Cream Butter. These butters are great for personal use, such as toast, rolls, pancakes, biscuits.

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Not all butters taste alike. Try Irish butter.

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I agree with @second_guessing. The more expensive brands taste better to me. My favorite butter is the kind they serve in high-end restaurants (usually unsalted). Whether salted or unsalted makes a huge difference in taste.

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I see very little difference in butter brands purchased at the store. Unless you’re buying organic butter or using something other than bovine cream, the possibility that one butter will be dramatically better tasting than another is extremely negligible. Since cream (and sometimes salt) is the only ingredient in true butter, the quality of the cream used would be directly responsible for any difference in taste and any remarkable differences above that would certainly be the result of additional preservatives and flavor enhancers. On the other hand, if you ever make your own butter at home, you will most definitely notice the difference.

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I have never heard of or seen any of those brands listed above.
I want to try them!!

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I always thought butter is butter. I buy store brand. I guess I am cheap.

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I have been told – but haven ot tested this myself – that Land o’Lakes has a lower water content than store brands. Thus, you’re getting more butter. True? Heck if I know!

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I don’t find much of a difference and I use butter exclusively—always have, no margarine or spreads (whatever they may be). I have bought very expensive Amish butter and store brands—just not much difference.

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When I lived in Australia, I used to buy butter made on Kings Island. It was heaven. Here in Hawaii, everything is shipped in, so it’s harder to say.

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I only make my own by whipping heavy cream. This is much better than anything I ever buy from a store. I’m not a big butter eater however and I only rarely use it.

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For those of us who used to live where there are lots of farms, I can say that most butter than even has a brand sucks as far as I am concerned, and don’t even get me started on bacon and eggs! One thing I miss since moving to the Seattle area is one particular farm’s milk; it came in a glass bottle and was better than any mass-produced plastic jug milk could ever hope to be. They made decent butter too, but it was hard to get since they didn’t make much and it sold quickly.

Those who think butter is butter have a very dull, unrefined palate. Then again, many Americans prefer bland, highly processed crap with lots of salt added and balk at anything remotely natural in their diet, so I am really not surprised that many people really think that butter is butter.

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@jerv Yes I agree with you. I would suggest buying whipping cream from a grocery store and just whipping your own. This is very good and easy to do. That is what I call real butter.

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