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Can anyone recommend a good website(s) for free ebooks?

Asked by soozaloozakpow (253points) August 21st, 2010

This question is partially motivated by me wanting to share a great site for ebooks I recently found – It has quite a diverse collection and offers many titles not found on ebook websites.
Gutenberg, Google Books, and similar sites are great but I am always on the lookout for great reads by more current authors (not knocking the many brilliant classics offered free online). I realize copyright laws factor into what ebooks are available to be downloaded for free and respect authors’ work and right for compensation, but if anyone has any legit sites to share…?

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Not exactly on-topic but these are my links to Audiobook sites, hope they are of some help to you :)

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Google’s online library…

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This is a great site for online texts but due to copyright there isn’t much recent stuff on it.

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I had a look at the truly free site there is a lot of great stuff there. Do you not get a lot of spam if you give them your email address?

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I have found Online Associate to be an interesting site. If you type in the name of a book, you will get a collection of reviews and also the book itself if it is available. It seems to do pretty well on classic literature. I typed a few book titles at random and they were all there. I also typed in some non-fiction topics. I found some books, short papers and homework assignments.

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Thanks everyone for all the website suggestions!
@flutherother I think truly free has a great collection too – one of the best ebook sites I’ve come across. I don’t know how well known it is, but is one of those exciting online finds I want to share with others :) I’ve downloaded quite a few ebooks from the site with no negative experiences and don’t believe I have been sent any spam as a result (though it can be hard to tell what spam is tied to sometimes). Not sure if you have read the site’s info, but there used to be rules regarding how many ebooks you are allowed to download in a set period of time. I tried to look for the specifics the other day and could not find anything so this either may have changed or I was looking in the wrong place!

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I don’t know if this is legal per se or not but it has a lot of books:

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Thanks BonusQuestion. I occasionally dabble in the grey areas of online right and wrongs and will check it out! Gotta live on the edge sometimes!

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