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Would you like to hang out in The Swamp?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) August 21st, 2010

The martinis are 10 minutes old. A great vintage

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I would love to Hawkeye. Make mine a double. I am going to clean out the fridge.

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Depends what’s on TV. Is there cable?

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Did I just see Amos Moses ?

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Be a medico in the Korean War and have to watch a steady stream of dead and wounded men coming through? No thanks.

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Save me a Martini, I’m on my way Hawkeye.

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I have no idea what’s going on, but I now want a martini. Or two.

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Sure, I’d like to hang out in the swamps. We can go mud-boggin’ too. ;)

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Dirty, dry, up or inbetween..

From the very first sip ya know what I mean…

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I love Gainesville.

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Way down in Louisiana back in the swamps there lives a little old lady we like to call by a scret name now and late at night she sings the most terrible scream it goes Yooieeee eeeee and it sounds worse that two mad Tom cats fighting. I heard tales that she was crying over some lost love and a bad love potion, the gentleman was done gone. Have you ever heard about this some how you seem to fit the description of that sly gentleman; you better not go anywhere near those swamps. I have a feeling if she ever gets her hands on you will be be alligator bait or her pet toad.

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While your at it and everyone else is at it hey I do not mind a dirty martini every now and again and what better place to enjoy one than back in the swamp? You know (Marie) don’t you? :)

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It would depend on the bugs.

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I’d love to.. I always liked that place.. must be because I love camping, and that’s what it seemed like.. Good friends, messy floor, and a still.. What more could three doctors need in Korea? Hey I think there’s a fourth cot in there.. mind if I take it?

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