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What eyesore makes you sore?

Asked by ETpro (34503points) August 21st, 2010

Blots on the landscape—They are everywhere. Junk cars rusting into a pile of parts but parked on a city street or the neighbor’s dead lawn. The alley in a city center that has somehow degenerated into a collection point for wind-blown trash and human detritus and never gets a visit from the street sweeper. The dilapidated home with peeling paint and falling gutters, slowly reverting back to nothing but soil, but unfortunately not doing so within our lifetimes. What’s the pet visual peeve in your neck of the woods?

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Snow turning into slush

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Chewing gum on the streets. Especially the fresh stuff that sticks to your shoes. Because you actually have to touch it as you walk around.

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@Hawkeye Yes! I can still the high snow mark on the hedges around here where filthy snow covered in oily debris was pushed up against the hedges leaving gunky black stuff on the leaves.

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There are certain parts of one of the main roads in my city that look third world. It’s freaky. Trash everywhere, people laying on the sidewalks, abandoned buildings in total states of disrepair… it’s not fun to look at, but it’s more sad than anything, really.

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The stuff you mentioned all sounds quite beautiful, actually.

Stumps are eyesores to me. I dislike when people unnecessarily cut down trees.

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One of our sports stadiums looks like an old fashioned Jiffy Pop stovetop popcorn container and another sports stadium looks like a penitentiary, both of them are right off one of our major highways.

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Perhaps it is simply your knack for writing, but the description in your post was absolutely beautiful and made me want to go and look for those things. In strange ways, dilapidated buildings, walls with chipped paint, seas of graffiti, and gnarly trees that look like monsters in the moonlight are lovely. That may be my affection for the sublime getting in the way of the main question, though.

It’s not an eyesore, but there is a building my university is known for and I find the thing frustrating to look at every day. It was also released that it is not earthquake-safe and it would cost more to renovate than it would to tear it down.

@boots I nearly cried when they chopped up all the trees in my area. It’s like they killed a piece of my childhood. The landscape was disgustingly barren.

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Unkept grass. Some of these foreclosed homes. Look awful. I wish someone would atleast come in and take care of it. makes the neighborhood not ass cheery and it depressing. It just reminds me of the economy.

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Everything above, plus people who smoke and people who walk around or drive while talking on their cellphones. For me, those are eyesores, too.

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@Austinlad Your answer reminded me of this tumblr blog.

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I can’t think of anything that I really consider an eyesore. But then I follow the Tumblr that @boots linked to and I find pictures of dead/decaying things beautiful, so…

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@MacBean Me too. I also like urban decay. Maybe we’re just weird.

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@boots We’re a little weird, yeah. But at least we’re not boring! Normal is so dull.

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@muppetish I have to give a GA to anyone who is so complimentary of my writing. :-) And I agree that architecture gone wrong is often the greatest eyesore of all. Natural disorder and decay is much more beautiful.

@Frenchfry GA. I am all for maintaining “ass cheery” neighborhoods. :-)

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@ETpro pretty funny typo uh? Now I don’t see the edit button. I guess I live in a ass cheery neighborhood. LOL

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@Frenchfry Hey, being a real admirer of nature’s finest assets, that sounds like my kind of place. :-)

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