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Is a lack of Flash compatibility the reason AIM Chat won't work on my iPhone?

Asked by MeinTeil (2203points) August 21st, 2010

Everthing works fine untill I attempt to add to the conversation. The keypad won’t show when I touch the entry field.

Chat mentions the lack of flash in a neighboring window. I“m unable to proceed.

What gives?

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Download the AIM app from the App Store.

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Thanks, I have the AIM app. I’m talking about AIM Chat, a seperate entity.

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The AIM app is AIM chat…

AIM stands for “AOL Instant Messanger”, it’s only chat.

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having no idea what you think “AIM Chat” is, the iPhone requires flash. If “AIM Chat” is some webpage that uses flash, then it won’t work on the iPhone.

That being said, what makes you think you want/need something other than the real AIM application on your iPhone?

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Apparently you’re talking about I’m sorry, I had never heard of it before. Regardless, when I pull it up on my iPhone, it pretty clearly indicates that it requires Flash. It is therefore iPhone-incompatible.

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I think he/she means the AOL chat rooms.

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Thanks all.

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