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I was told as a kid, that when the Ice Cream man's van is playing a tune, it means he has run out of Ice Cream. Was anyone else told horrible lies as a kid?

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Ice Cream,

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I didn’t have an ice cream man until I hit college. That’s the first time I lived in a city…. so No. I was never told that lie.

[And yes, it is fun to watch college kids run down the street after an Ice Cream Man :D ]

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Yes, I was told horrible lies. But, over time, I took a risk, my teeth never fell out, I didn’t go blind and I was much happier!!!

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/me sticks fingers in ears and hums loudly.

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lol, I’m so happy to have delirium back :)

@axlefoley: Poor baby! That’s a horrible lie to be told!!!

@trainerboy: lawl.

I personally was told that… gosh – I can’t remember any lies. My parents were so freaking frank that my childhood lasted until 6.

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Hahahaha. <3 squirbel.

And to be literal… my parents knew that I didn’t accept the tooth fairy, easter bunny, or santa pretty much ever. I don’t know why, I just never believed in them. I always figured it was my parents.

I remember my friend learning santa wasn’t real and being very confused at his despair.

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When I was a small child, i had a pet rabbit for a day. An older neighbor kid told me that if I took him out that he would stay near, and not run away. I listened to him and immediatly when i took the rabbit out, he ran away. :(

My brother convinced me that if I got too close to his box turtle that it would Bite my finger off.

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im really gullible. i was told that my grandma could fly but ONLY at night when i was asleep, the whole a watermelon will grow in your stomach if you swallow its seed, oh gosh there are so many more that i just cant seem to think of right now.
OH.. that if you dig a small trench around your campsite that no snakes will cross it because they’ll break their backs.

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when I was little I had a pet gerbil which I had named jojo.
it was always good when he was around
I fed him
clened him and even told him bedtime stories. But then after I came back from
summer vacation, I came direcly to look for jojo and there was no sign of him
I told my parents what happened to him
and they told me he ran away
after a I was in high school I was in the garden and I was diging to put the roses that my mom told me to plant and a few shovles into the garden and I found the corpes of a hamster which I immediately identify as jojo
they told me that he ran away but really they killed him by not feeding him and they lied on top of that
that was the most hurtful thing that anyone has ever done to me.

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@ flunx: thats so sad. =[

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while on the topic of screwing with your children i have a funny story to share. When my friend was 9 years old he came downstairs one morning to find both of his parents frozen in strange positions almost as if they were going about their day and then life just froze. They stayed like this for over 15 minutes. Yea i know its kinda mean but damn is it funny to think what he must have been thinking during the whole thing.

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LOL. I want to have kids so I can do just that. Man, will I ever grow up?

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@flunx: Weird, that’s like exactly what happened to Timmy Turner in “Fairly Odd Parents”...

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axle, I pity the fool who told you this lie, and you have my deepest sympathy for being deprived of the ice cream man as a youngin’.

To answer your question, people have told me that there are monsters in the dark. As I grew up, people informed me that this is a lie. As far as I’m concerned, this is still true.

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That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard in quite some time. May the people that told you this burn in hell where there is no ice cream man!

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CornMan, Next thing you know, they will tell you there is no good corn.

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Brownie went to live at a farm in the country (he got hit by a UPS truck).

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I just remember one I was told when I was like 3.

While visiting a cemetery, I was told that if I walked over a grave, I would fall in and no one would be able to get me out.

While I now know that it is foolishness, I still retain a nervousness near holes in the ground (I can actually freeze up when near one deeper than 6 feet). I have no other fears though – even of heights.


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Syz. It probably wasn’t funny at the time but that one made me laugh.
I hope you are over it.

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When I was little, I accidentally sallowed a watermelon seed and my dad told me that I would soon be growing a watermelon in my stomach. I was freaked out for a whole month and kept looking down at my stomach. :p lol

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your parents probably told you that so you wouldn’t rot your teeth with the sugar in the ice cream

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WOW…thats pretty sad, but not as bad as bieng told that if you didnt eat your nails after they were cut then they wouldnt grow back or that if you poked your belly button then your butt would fall off… I am still super paranoid about anything near my belly botton… pretty bad huh? its worse though brecauses I was actually told thtese horrible lies as a kid.

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That’s funny but sad. Who was your mother Faye Dunaway?

Yes, I was told I was valued and accepted for who I was.
Far from the truth. I was valued and accepted as long as I tried to please my mother.
Apart from that I was just a bad boy and to be treated with indifference.

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They told me this fable about some chap named Jesus…..

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