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An awful trip.

Asked by JMCSD (243points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Just to start, hope this doesn’t get me in trouble. Several months back I finished 7 grams of shrooms and it was by far the most terrifying experiences in my life. I honestly thought I was never coming out. To the question now, is it strange that even when I think back to the day I feel awful about it? I mean, I almost feel a little depressed when I over think about it. Any of you have any similar experiences?

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yeah.. not with shrooms but i experimented with another drug and it still makes me feel a bit bad. not that i wouldn’t do it again, but i probably wouldn’t use as much of it next time.

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7 grams is pretty intense. Have you experimented with psychadelics before? A good recreational dose would be 3–4 grams. is a very informative site for pretty much every drug. I think the key to using psychadelics is education. Our society has been brainwashed to believe that psychadelics are terrible, evil drugs, when in many cultures, they are mind enhancing, religious sacraments.

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have you heard the song “i feel like dying” by lil wayne? its ALL about drugs (and alcohol). i love that song.

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