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How would you describe who you are?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 24th, 2008
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1 part down to earth, 1 part unique, all me!

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See my profile here.

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How many words do I get to use?

You do realize every human’s favorite subject is themselves?

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I have been told I look like Dalf Lungdrom, out of Rocky, and Brad Pit.

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Atheistic Vegetarian Humanist/Anthropologist Hippie Princess who Reads Too Much.

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Theistic-liberal vegetarian-humanist-sortahippie-squirbel-who talks too much

and mimics :)

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Ooh, Liberal, I forgot that one!

(Mimicry is the highest form of flattery, as always)

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Easy going, Patient, Loving, Careing, I better stop I am making myself sick!

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Intelligent, Tall, Handsome, Caring, Funny,
Laid-Back, Athletic, I could go on for days.

(I don’t sound conceited, do I?)

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I am beyond description. But I am 100 % sold out to Jesus.

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I went to your profile and it gave the places you lived and field of expertise. Are you saying this determine who you are?

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She’s implying in a subtle way that our profiles serve this purpose, and that this was not a fluther-like question.

This is my interpretation and may be wrong, but I agree… :(

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talented, gifted, happy, lazy…

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A waste of breath!

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I’ve noticed all profiles are not filled out so only some serve this purpose. Help me understand why this is not an appropriate question.

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@shorty: you can make some inferences about me. Otherwise, wait for the book. I see myself now as a work-in-progress.

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@ Gailcalled
Thanks for the response; I will enjoy reading your book I’m sure. In no way was I trying to offend you by asking. If I did please forgive me.

I’m also a work-in-progress. :-)

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I am not offended. I often sound like a grumpy old git, but I am merely the grandmother-in-residence here – pretty intelligent but getting dumber by the day. I do loathe people who write cruel, taunting, hurtful, repetitve, boring and juvenile answers or questions – it hurts people, is neither clever, funny nor original and serves no purpose that I can see. And I never want to see LOL or WTF again.

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Also, I am nothing more than a disappointment to those who love me! What’s wrong with me?

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I suggested (3 weeks ago) that everyone who hasn’t might fill out a profile.


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I love gailcalled. Sometimes it seems as though she is chewing your ass but my ass needs a good chewin’ occasionally!

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@cornman; thanks; just remember that nice compliment when it’s your ox being gored :-)

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A close friend of mine once described me as “a drunk, 7-year-old child prodigy on a mission to save the world.” I decided I liked it : )

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