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Have you tried to sell your art online?

Asked by zophu (5691points) August 21st, 2010

Were you successful? What sites have you used? Can you have much success selling from a personal website if you aren’t well-known? What should an artist look for in a site they want to use to showcase and sell their work? I’m talking about painting, music, pottery, woodworking—anything.

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I passively try to sell stuff on deviantart.

One thing I’ve learned from my artist friends is that local marketing is a priority before you can expect any success from a website.

There’s always the state fair, too (and I’m not being facetious.)

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Gen has sold a number of metal sculpture on I’ve considered doing the same with my leather and iron creations, but they usually sell faster by word of mouth faster than I can make them. J is learning the leathercraft trade, so her work may soon appear there.

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No, because I still am not at the point where I would buy my own art, quality wise.

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I used to sell my art mainly locally – I speciallised in animal portraits so I advertised mostly in local pet stores and vet surgeries, so most of what I did was “on commission”. I did have my own personal website at one point, and I sold ONE piece of art off it, in two years, before giving up with it.

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My uncle has sold paintings online on his own website, getting a fair amount of interest mainly from people in USA.
I think he’s got interest through having links to his site on other more popular sites, or advertising on various blog sites, although I have no idea what sites they are. He specialises in watercolour paintings of landscapes.

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I sold one oil I painted of tennessee williams online. lol

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I find that a personal website is a good ‘hub’ to showcase what you do. Having your art on as many online galleries or shoppes, (like Etsy for example for hard goods) is more profitable because it reaches more people. I link to these from my site. Also, using social media as a way to draw attention works well. And, local offline marketing is good. My biz cards have my web url so people can see more of my work. It takes time but you can sell online with alot of work and creative ways to promote :)

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