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What is a good website for an IQ test?

Asked by Kkrazy55 (127points) August 22nd, 2010

I want to know my IQ but I don’t have a cell phone so where can I take an IQ test without it requiring a phone number? Please help!

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The American Mensa website has an online test area. Sorry I don’t know how to post a link.

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If you want an accurate IQ you’re gonna have to pay someone to administer the test who knows what they’re doing. An online test is next to worthless.

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@Lightlyseared : I respectfully disagree. A site like the Mensa one has a reputation for accuracy, if you follow the instructions strictly. They won’t invite someone to join without a proctored test, or another acceptable test (also listed on the site) but their at-home or online tests will give you a pretty good idea.

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@JilltheTooth Really? The UK mensa site doesn’t bother wasting the bandwidth on such hokum… and after looking at the US site I can’t find one on there either.

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@Lightlyseared : There’s an orangey tab to the right of the “quick links” column.

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@Lightlyseared : I just checked out the UK site. The second tab from the left on top says “IQ Tests”. If you click that, the column on the left includes the heading for home tests.

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@JilltheTooth yessss…... that they send to you through the post… it’s not as online test is it? Also, I’d I realise that this is arguing over semantics, given that it doen’t and can’t actually tell you your IG it’s not really an IQ test is it? It’s designed to give you some experience of hte testing process before you turn up and pay your money to take the test for real. And given that Mensa probably wants to encourage people to pay them money I woundn’t be that surprised if it over estimates your expected IQ to encourage you to apply.

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The OP is in the US. according to the profile and the American Mensa site has an online test.

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no it doesnt it has some online puzzles. There’s a big difference.

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I don’t think we’re looking at the same site.

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Try being smarter than “IQ.” IQ is an outdated notion of human intelligence that reached its peak with Lewis Terman’s release of the Stanford-Binet test in 1916. More contemporary models of intelligence by Robert Sternberg, Howard Gardner and others have shown that IQ tests are woefully inadequate at measuring human intelligence. Among the many types of human intelligence NOT measured by IQ tests are:
Musical Ability
Athletic Ability
Spatial Intelligence such as that mastered by an architect
Bodily Kinaesthetic ability such as that mastered by a ballet dancer
Interpersonal intelligence such as that mastered by a negotiator or statesman
IQ tests on websites in general are a scam used to sell you things.

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