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What kind of dog do you have?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

it is said,“that a person’s dog usually resemble their owner. Be it in looks or personality!” Is it true with yours?

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I myself own two or rather they own me. I have an Italian greyhound and an Dachshund, I’m not sure! Oh yes!! They are both males…

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I have two dogs. One is a Boxer and the other one is a Labrador-Collie mix. I don’t think they resemble me in any way though.

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I have a Welsh Terrier. Everyone says he is cute so I guess he resembles me.

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2 GI-normous Russian wolfhounds, or borzoi. Very uncommon dogs.

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We have a 1 year old male Pekingese. Pekingese is a Chinese breed and my boyfriend is half Chinese. So maybe that counts? Haha. They both have flat faces. I think they are a lot alike actually, very loving when they want to be and stubborn at times too.

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By the way, they are very beautiful and regal like me!!

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a bloodhound named Earnest, a schipperke named Ben, and two beagles named Oedipus and Othello.
i think Earnest and i have the most in common – laid back, relaxed, friendly, and sometimes quite lazy

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I have two dogs who think they own the house. A Golden Retriever and Border Collie mixed named Racal and my little “yappie” Jack Russell named Dee. Both very smart and ideal buddies. Before I’m jumped on I know my other animal is “not” a dog but I also have a Cockatiel named Vic.

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I have a yorkie named bailee. He is cautious when in public and needs to warm up to surroundngs before he decides to have fun. I hate to admit it, but somewhat like me.

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spencer is our IG, he is very timid unlike me but, perhaps more like my boyfriend! They are both slender & very loving and at times be very very energetic! Then there’s Bailey my dachshund, he gains weight very easily and is constantly on a diet so maybe I’m like him too! They are both beautiful…

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Ginger Tom. I didn’t pass Biology.

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I want to say, “thank you” to everyone who took the time to answer my question and for those in advance who have yet to! You all have some great answers and by the sound of it, some very terrific pets!

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My pug, Ruby, and I are so alike sometimes that it’s scary. Only dog I’ve ever met who has to debate whether or not breakfast is really worth getting up for in the morning!!!

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I belong to Matilda, a border collie/black lab, and Gertrude, a weimaraner.

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Ruby sounds like Bailey! He’ll look at it and if it isn’t to his liking he’ll try to bury it!

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2 dogs: Olde English Bulldog, my husband’s dog.
And the new pup: Australian Shepherd, my dog!

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is the icon pic one of your dogs?

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Ruby L-O-V-E-S to eat, she just hates getting up in the morning!!! She’s just as cranky as I am!!!

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So does Bailey. Hence his dieting! Seriously, the vet has him on this new doggy drug! He’s a test dog! Loves to eat loves to sleep, he just hates having to get up to eat! Both his parents were 7lbs & 9 lbs, Bailey is 21 lbs…

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and here I thought I was getting a miniature dachshund!

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Sir Winston McAllister is my welsh terrier. Yes, that’s his picture, and yes, he looks just like his dad, Gooch. They are both fun and happy and spoiled by me.

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Dakota is a male Golden Retriever, and Bitty is a female Border Terrier. I also have 3 cats, but that’s for another thread!

@mzgator I love Welsh terriers! My very first job was working in a kennel where they bred and showed both Welsh terriers and Airedales. they are great dogs!

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I have a border collie mix – we’ve been told that we resemble each other when we run (both with broad smiles on our faces)

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i am a very well groomed shi tzu and my mom is also well groomed now the question i have is how much food should i have and is chicken good for me

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I have a brindle boxer. I’m not really sure if she looks like me.

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