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Do I have a rose thorn embedded in my finger?

Asked by sarahsugs (2898points) March 6th, 2007
I was gardening and grabbed a rose stem by mistake. A thorn sunk pretty deep into the side of the middle joint of my index finger. It bled a little and then stopped. I thought a tiny piece of thorn might have broken off under my skin, but I couldn't tell and didn't want to go digging. I put some Neosporin and a Bandaid on it for a day. Now it's 3 weeks later and though the cut has healed over, my finger is still swollen on that side, hard to the touch, and it hurts when I press on it. Is there a piece of thorn in there? If there is, should I do anything about it?
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Sounds like an infection. You could try soaking w. very warm water and epsom salts...but make sure you don't start running a temp. If there is a piece of foreign matter (thorn) embedded in finger, the body will want to eject it...3 weeks is a long time. Perhaps a Doc or the nurse practioner if there is one in your Doc's office.
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This recently happened to me with a rose throne too. It continues to be sore when I press on it . I did go to a doctor and he took an x-ray which shows no foreign objects embedded in my thumb. Although it still looks dark under the skin. It has been a couple of months with no relief. It almost looks like the area on my heal when I had a plantars wart many years ago. I wish I could get this figured out. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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A deep thorn prick to the skin healed over within a week. Now the thumb has a small hard bump where the thorn dug in. Very sore to the touch and looks like a bruise. Went to urgent care over the holiday weekend. They took 3 x-rays which showed nothing and then prescribed an antibiotic which has done nothing to alleviate the condition.

Research shows that rose thorn fragments will not show up under x-ray. They are “radiolucent.” And the thorn fragment cannot be phagocytosed (sp?) which results in the fragments encapsulation. It needs to be surgically removed. I’m looking for a doctor who knows all about it. Some obviously don’t. Anyway, hope this helps.

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Well, it’s been 4.5 years (wow, I’ve been on fluther a long time) and I never saw a doc nor had any procedure done about the rose thorn tip. Hopefully it’s not floating around in my body somewhere (mostly joking – is that even possible?). I can’t even remember which index finger it was. No bump, no pain. @joyrider, hope your situation is resolved quickly.

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