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Do you drive well at night?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) August 23rd, 2010

I don’t drive that well at night I avoid it as much as possible. I was not always like that. It happened as I got older.

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I do as long as the weather is ok, heavy rain or fog and i’d reconsider my journey.

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I LOVE driving at night. I wish I could do all my driving at 2–3am. Its just so peaceful and serine out on the roads. No one out there, no assholes cutting you off or anything like that, just you and the road. Its great.

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I think I am a great driver day or night!
If my passengers would stop screaming long enough to answer,I’m sure they’d say the same ;)

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I don’t like driving at night. I try to avoid it at all costs. It’s scary.

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Yes, I’m a good night driver. Although the fog mentioned by @second_guessing does bother me. I just slow down some and keep my wits about me.

This reminds me of my mom. When she no longer felt safe driving at night due to vision changes, she quit doing it. I was so proud of her. So many people refuse to recognize that they can’t do something as well as they used to.

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My answer is exactly the same as @Frenchfry.‘s Besides not having very good night sight anymore, I’m nervous about drunk and sleepy drivers.

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I prefer driving at night, less traffic. My car has the big Cibie driving lights that turn night into day. They can also blind oncoming drivers so I have to be quick on the switch.

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Personally i prefer not to drive at night. Great excuse for my partner to stay sober.

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No. One eye has a significantly different ability to function than the other and though I correct both with glasses, achieving depth perception at night is occasionally difficult. While I actually love to drive at night (alone on highways), it is simply not an activity I engage in very often because of the whole “sometimes the world has no depth” issue.

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I am not the best driver (any time). I have a lead foot and no patience for slow drivers.

I prefer not to drive at night. Especially not highway driving..

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@jjmah ” have a lead foot and no patience for slow drivers.” I would think this would make you want to drive at night. Certainly one of the reasons i love night driving.

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I’m one of those slow farmer-types that leadfoots like to curse. I do pull over quickly if I see you coming up behind me though.

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In Holland i am pretty okay with driving at night, since all roads and highways are well lit.
Though if i am already tired i prefer to not drive, or ask somebody else to take the steer.
In Greece i do have problems with driving in the dark, because there most roads are not lit, and that makes it near impossible for me to focus well enough on my path and other traffic.

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I love driving at night especially late at night when there is less traffic on the roads. I don’t think my ability changes whether it is daytime or nighttime but I know I prefer to drive when it is dark.

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Driving at night is enjoyable. No rush hour traffic to deal with, and I can sing along with the radio or CD without worrying about anyone seeing me.

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I drive equally as poorly in the day light. I do not light discriminate.

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Driving at night doesn’t bother me. You have to recognize hazards a little quicker because you can’t see as well as during the day. Most of my close calls or accidents have been in daylight.

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I try not to drive at night but it’s unavoidable in the winter. At least I can see how dirty my windshield has gotten with oncoming traffic.

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Sometimes. I don’t like it when it’s raining at night while driving.

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I drive great.
I HATE to drive.

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I love to drive. I don’t like to drive at night but I will to avoid traffic. The roads are so empty and peacefully quiet.

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With or without my sunglasses? Nah, I’m joking.

I don’t know how to drive at all!

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If there is nobody with HIDs around and I don’t have a fucktard in a truck/SUV shining their lights directly at my rearview, I actually drive better at night since I tend to go sun-blind easily.

I tend not to slow down for fog, mist, or fluffy snow (not even a whiteout), though the wet stuff will make me back off a bit as my speed is limited more by traction than visibility.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land I am often one of those leadfoots, though I did the “slow driving and pull over to let others pass” thing during the time my Subaru was riding the bumpstops. That was a shitty winter!
I actually will pull over if I see someone crazier than me approaching in my rearview, but I am often the craziest person in teh area so that is rare.

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I have a lot of time with glare and sparkles from oncoming traffic at night. I’ve had to pull over because I got dazzled so badly I lost the road. I’ve been told recently that that’s a sign that my astigmatism isn’t being compensated for by my glasses.

As soon as I deliver my baby, and I’m cleared to travel, I’m going to a good optometrist and making sure my astigmatism is taken into account.

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