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At what age do you think you were no longer a child?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4846points) August 23rd, 2010

When do you think you were no longer an innocent child?

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Maybe next year.

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I would say 12 or 13. Or atleast I thought so. My mother would of told you different.

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I guess 14

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Why do you think so? What made you think/realize you weren’t a child anymore?

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13 or 14, when I started reading tabloids and true romance:-).

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@daytonamisticrip I wanted more privacy. I wanted to make and do things and make decisions on my own. I was tired of having to listening to my parents. I got a BIG wake up call.

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When I was eight. The whole world changed when I was eight.

There are many reasons why, but partial credit goes to: learning how to write paragraphs and when I determined for myself that there was no God. I shared both pieces of information with my friends, and was promptly told I would be going straight to hell.

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When i was 4 or 5 my childhood got ripped away from me. My Dad got kicked out and moved to Lowell. For the weekends the court ordered that me and my brother get to go and visit. That rarely happened i saw him maybe once a month because my mom wouldn’t let me go visit. When i was up there we were across the street from a bar. Every night we heard gunshots and screams. A year later he moved to Pennsylvania. I was suppose to see him for summer vacation. I have only seen him once since then, 3 years ago. Then my brother started drinking and smocking pot when i was 9.

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I was eight.

My mom left my dad – just packed us up one day and hopped a plane to Florida. Our entire world changed, and suddenly, my little brother and sister needed a parent (my mom was absent at best, and abusive at worst).

Less than a year later, she’d met and we moved in with the guy that became my stepfather. He had severely injured his back at work, and it was my job to take care of the kids and nursemaid him (food, drink, heating pack, cold pack, manage medications…), and do all the house work while my mother was working (or while not working for that matter) and not let my grades slip on top of all that.

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When my hand ceased to be the only means of satisfying Percy Penis ;¬}

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I was 17 and my brother died – I grew up then.

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No longer an innocent child, that would probably be at 14. I was innocent for a long time (in my opinion, looking back on it), but I’m sure a big part of that had to do with having a late puberty.

14 is when I officially “discovered” my sexuality and started worrying about it, it’s when I first joined Q&A sites online, it’s when I discovered masturbation and really started puberty, etc. I was 15 when I discovered alcohol and then I just got less innocent form there. :)

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Sixteen. How did my parents stand it?

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I’m 46.

Still a child. Child with responsibilities.

And I like it!

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This is a trick question for me because considering the life I have had I don’t think I ever really had a childhood. Now I’m 40 and Im just experiencing childhood. It’s a wonderful thing. I’m buying a Harley in the spring, watching cartoon and eating dessert for breakfast! If I didn’t have to go to work my childhood would really be great!

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Good dog! Woof Woof!

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I felt like a child until I went to college. Once you become responsible for things, the childhood goes flying away. :( but not the child-like fun

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29 – when my first son was born.

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what? it ends?!! noooooo don’t tell me that!

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Probably 8th grade, when I really started to develop a sense of self, rather than struggle to fit in with the pretty, popular girls. From then on, I was intent on my individuality, and became much more aware of the folly of my peers.

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About 11, Jr. High.

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Some of my childhood was taken away when I was very little.
Some more was taken away when I was 14.
The rest was taken away when I was 15 and had to start helping my parents pay the mortgage payment so that we wouldn’t lose our house.

That being said, once I got out on my own and started living my own life, I felt like I took some of it back. That part I took back is still with me today.

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18… I milked it for all it was worth.

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I was probably eight. I was exposed to things fairly young. :/

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10 yearas old

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