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When you hit your limit of 200 friends in your fluther, how do you make room for more?

Asked by ETpro (34552points) August 23rd, 2010

As far as I know, there is no indicator on your fluther list telling which members there are still active, and which have returned the favor by adding you to their fluther. To clean out the deadwood, you have to click to each individual avatar and review their profile to see whether they are following you and when they last logged in. I just noticed one member I had added in late 2009 who still only had 37 points. Jumping to their profile page, I saw that their last login was in December of 2009 and they had never bothered to add me or for that matter anyone to their fluther. Apparently they came to get one or two questions answered, never to visit again.

Wouldn’t it be great if the View All page for our fluther showed clearly each user’s last login date and whether they in turn are following us while we are following them. If we are going to live with a limit of friends in our fluther, I sure don’t want to turn away new requests from jellies who really do want to keep up a lively exchange with me because half my quota is already filled with people who aren’t following me and/or who aren’t even here any longer.

Any ideas for easy fluther management?

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I remove the ones that did not accept my friend request. Or have fallen off the radar.

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I make room by looking at the last time the user logged on. ( upper right hand corner on their profile)

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I add others to my fluther solely because I enjoy most of the answers they give. I don’t follow them so that they’ll follow me. I’ve had people add me to their fluther, I assume, because of an answer of mine that they particularly enjoyed but I didn’t add them to mine because I had no clue who they were. I had never heard of them before or just weren’t interested in the answers I had read from them.

I’m only following 38 people currently because I know they give answers that are worth reading. Some of them haven’t signed on in here in over a year, but because I’m selective in who goes in my fluther, it’s no big deal.

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It would be nice to have the date of the Fluther member was last seen here placed by the following icon. That way it would be easy to delete those that haven’t been here in a longtime. They way it’s now, you have too go back and forth to check the date last seen here.

Did anyone understand my comment?

For example Chaz…✓ Following Pied_Pfeffer if they had the date of last seen here, it would be helpful. The way they have it now, only the profile has the date of last seen.

Where is the suggestion box? It is a good idea, but maybe one the mods will read this…like @dog!

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@BoBo1946It shows the last time a member was on in their profile.

Never mind. :-)

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Hey @ChazMaz

I went for an embarrassingly long time before I added anyone to my fluther. I did not know what it meant. (Actually, I still don’t.)

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Well, there will always be other opportunities.
Sometimes you just need to tidy up.

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There’s a limit?

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@BoBo1946 I’m still here sweetheart…following your lovely comments every day and giving lurve, while I’m sure I maxed out on you long ago.

@worriedguy I once asked someone the same question, and they didn’t know either. There is a Fluther ‘badge’ put on your profile if you add one person to your list, and several different ‘badges’ issued depending on the # of people that add you. Other than collecting badges, and you can direct a specific question to someone who has an expertise for answering that type of topic, I don’t think that there is any benefit. I could be wrong.

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Fortunately there isn’t 200 people worth following on Fluther so I haven’t encountered this problem yet.

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Wouldn’t have a clue. I only ever respond to those who put me in theirs. Not once have I added someone other than in this way.

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@Pied_Pfeffer oh, your name was the first one i saw in trying to give an example for my suggestion my friend. Oh, i see you everyday. And, maxed you out a longtime ago. Just gave you love points and checked your profile…i’ve maxed you out girl.

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@worriedguy & @Pied_Pfeffer Adding people to your Fluther helps you follow questions from those people that you add. That’s what the “just for you” tab is for.

edit- Well, that’s what I thought. I just clicked that tab and there is a question from someone that isn’t in my fluther. :/

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I was confused about adding thing and not. I try to add people and they never added me back. I just think they don’t like me, or are fluther snobs. hahahaha People who have been here so long that will only accept people who have been here just as long or in there clique. Is there cliques here? Or maybe they have reached their limit. I don’t know . I love the people here. There is a great group of people here. I appreciate anyone who I have added and they add me. Now I am babbling. Dam it!

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@Frenchfry Fluther is not like some sites where the ‘friendship’ is mutual. We can add someone without their permission. And as @ETpro has now pointed out, there seems to be a limit to the # of people that can be added, so please do not take offense if some of the long-termers do not reciprocate.

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I had the impression that adding people to your Fluther was not totally just a friendship thing.
I thought it was meant to be used if you found a user interesting then once you added them to your Fluther their questions would show up in your “questions for you”.

I could be wrong though.

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@Dog no comment on my suggestion.

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@BoBo1946 Oh your date one? I like the idea! Not sure how much work that would be for the coding gurus but it sounds cool.

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@Dog would make the deletion of out dated members more accessible. thank you my friend.

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@Frenchfry I’ve added newbs that didn’t add me back. There’s newb snobs too. ;)

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@Frenchfry I add newbs.
<—- Not a newb snob. :-)

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@jonsblond Point taken . I know there could be a ton of reason why people don’t add back. That’s is just the first thing that goes through my mind. I shrug it off. No biggie. We have added each other so. I know you aren’t @chyna your a sweet person. I can tell. Alot of people are not.

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@jonsblond Aww Right back at you.

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I’m approaching that limit now. As the list doesn’t serve any real function for me, I’m considering deleting the entire thing rather than selectively removing and risking offending anyone. I rarely added anyone by initiative, only reciprocating as others added me. When I first came to Fluther, I had intended to keep my list blank as I had on AB. When I found out that adds are not by mutual consent, I realized that there was no purpose in doing that.

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Like many of you, I add users whose questions and answers I wish to follow, and ones who add me. Yes @jonsblond, that does affect what ends up in your “Just for you.” Other things show up there because they are questions about topics you indicated in your profile that you were interested in.

It’s just that now that I am closing in on the limit, if someone adds me and I like their Q&A, I want to be able to return the favor. THat’s whyn I am trying to find the best course to weed out deadwood without dropping anyone that is in turn following me and that is still active.

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I think you have to do a little housekeeping every once in a while. Like when you have a little down time between reading and answering questions, just go into a few profiles in your fluther list and decide if you need to keep them or not. Like you stated some jellies haven’t been acive for months or years, delete them for now. If they return later you can always add them again, if you are so inclined.

What I don’t understand is how do you max out on someone???

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This hasn’t happened to me yet as I am very slective of who I add to my Fluther nothing personal but I would just go through and see who hasn’t logged in for a while. I wouldn’t get rid of someone just because they hadn’t added me.

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@Frenchfry you got a good heart girl.

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@BoBo1946 Thanks I am quite fond of you as well.

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If you thought 200 was too restrictive I have a pleasant surprise for you guys:

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@timtrueman This is good news, although I just cleaned out my fluther friends that hadn’t been on here this year to make room for more.

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That’s is awesome. More friends more questions , more fun.

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After just an few initial “my fluther” additions, I stopped using it because it seemed to be more of a popularity contest than a useful function. So if you’ve added me and I haven’t added you back, it’s not a snub – I just don’t use it.

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Is it effective now?

@syz I never check who is following me. I never even thought to look really.

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@timtrueman Thank you so much for pointing that out. Of course, that’s just going to make being able to figure out who is still here and is following you—actively exchanging questions and answers with you—that much more difficult if some tools aren’t added to our fluther list.

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Users who have not logged onto Fluther for more than 3 months.

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