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Trapped for four months underground: what would you want them to send down?

Asked by laureth (27184points) August 23rd, 2010

This is the story that inspired my question.

Recently, a mining accident in Chile trapped 33 miners deep underground. They’d been there for 17 days when, on the eighth try, they were finally found alive! However, the little hole they drilled to send the probe down is not big enough for them to escape, and they must wait for a larger hole to be dug – and it could be as long as four months.

“The hole already drilled will be used to send down small capsules containing food, water and oxygen if necessary, and sound and video equipment so the miners can communicate better with loved ones and rescuers.”

It’s dark and boring and you’ll be stuck for months with the same number of people you had in homeroom. The question: if you were one of the trapped miners, what else would you realistically want them to send down the little tunnel for you? Besides food, water, and alcohol, of course… :) I’m assuming there’s no cell phone reception or wifi…

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Books and a deck of cards. We have to have something to do.

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Toilet paper

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Books, blankets and my pillow. Maybe they could send one of my cats down every few days or so, too.

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A dozen kazoos and a hot shower.

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Along with some of those suggestions above, I’d want my cribbage board, a couple of Kurt Vonnegut books and a ukelele. And the obvious female accoutrements.

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I know what two of the miners probably are going to do…, lose weight.
I heard (on ABC, some ten minutes ago) that they are going to drill a 27 inch hole to raise the miners to ground level, but apparently two of them are obese and they are worried that they won’t fit through the drilled hole.
I wish them and their families very well, that seems like a big challenge for these guys, to be under until christmas.

Edit: I am sorry, you didn’t ask what we would do, but what would we want sent down.
Miniature fans.

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All i would want is to get visits from my Dad,friend,and pets.

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Batteries, lamps, food, blankets, germ gel, water, magazines.

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My fav. fuzzy cuddle blanket and pillows, sleeping bags for comfort.
A portable cd player so I could listen to books and music.
COFFEE..every morning in a thermos!
Toothbrush and toothpaste and floss. ( I am very into my teeth ) lol

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Biodegradable babywipes so I could give myself pseudobaths.

Dry ice and an ice chest.

Chocolate pudding.


Crossword puzzles.

Pocketknife & bars of soap in different colors.

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War and Peace and Pride and Prejudice
My iPod
A sleeping bag and pillow
My photo albums
Diet Cherry Coke

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As many books as they can cram down and a good source of light. And maybe a wubbie. And “Try to keep it down, all right? Tryin’ to read over here. Sheesh.” Maybe someone should send down some chocolate so I don’t accidentally kill someone.

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I’d try to rally a group massage thing too, but, seeing how it’s all guy’s, might not go over too well. lol

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And toilet paper.
And some toilet spray.

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A very high ladder

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I’m claustrophobic, so thinking about that makes me feel sick and faint…

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Some very aromatic body wash and lotions
Incense or scented candles.
Other assorted things to distract me from the fact that we’re living in four months of our own piss and sweat.

A book light
A daily selection from my current list of Books I Have to Read (nearly a hundred)

Could we swing a portable DVD player and some good movies?

Also, some Nutella, or at least Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

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@DominicX That was exactly the reaction that I had when I heard it on the news today. I would rather NOT know how long I would have to wait and when they said “around Christmas” on the radio, I almost wrecked the truck!

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Video games and diapers (I believe there’s no plumbing facility down there,even if there was,it probably has been destroyed by this accident).

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Well, it certainly would be interesting to see who emerges insane and who emerges enlightend! lol

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I don’t know… I think being able to have some semblance of a count down of the days would be more comforting than waking up every morning to Groundhog Day all over again.

At least a “Okay… they’re working on it. It’s going to take a while, but they’re going to get here” would be better to me than “Are they ever going to get us out of here?!?”

I also want to amend my list of desires to include a bottle of Ambien. I have a hard time sleeping under stress, and I’m going to have a lot of sleeping time.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Good idea – pass me an Ambien, please.

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Pizza, and beer. and coke and cheetos.

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a shovel to dig a toilet, flashlights, bedding and a battery operated radio .

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Joining this thread late. I saw on TV that they are not telling the miners that it will be months until they will be out of there. Do you agree with withholding the actual estimate of time it will take till they see the light of day?

Someone above mentioned claustrophobia, keep in mind miners are probably not claustrophobic, but even people who typically arent would most likely start to feel the walls close in so to speak. Still, more of a stir crazy than what people who are genuinely claustrophic would suffer.

I also heard that 9 of the men are overweight according to their health records, and there has been some concern that some of the men will not be able to fit through the hole being dug to get them out. But, etimates are that most of them have probably already lost 15 pounds. I would guess the men who are very thin might be more at risk actually, but I have not heard that.

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I’d think so, the thinner men are more at risk for serious weight loss than the overweight ones. That is actually a benefit, albeit what a way to lose weight. :-/

I don’t think the truth should ever be with held, better to accept the duration than to be disappointed every day that no rescue occurs.

It will be a test for every individual and I am sure some friendships will be deepend as well as severed in these circumstances. Ones true colors emerge in times of stress and duress, these men will get to expereince firsthand what kinda stuff their co-workers are really made of.

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I agree. Just let me know so I can make peace with the situation and deal with it.

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Yeah, I like to know how long my pain is going to last.

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Taylor Swift.

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How sweet. She could totally cheer them up.

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