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Do you learn better by listening or seeing?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4851points) August 23rd, 2010

Do you learn better with visuals or by listening to somebody speak? And are you a guy or girl?

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I’m better with hands on, then visual, then listening. I’m a girl.

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I learn by doing. The best lessons I have learned have been making my own mistakes!

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Well I’m a man so it depends if it’s a man or a woman. If it’s a woman I just pretend to listen and nod while glancing at her chest. The nipples are like tea leaves. They tell me everything I need to know. :)

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I’m primarily an aural learner. I never studied in my entire school career; I just listened in class and I knew what I needed to know for the tests.

And as for my gender, I could write an essay on it and most people still wouldn’t get it. It kind of depends on the day, but “not girl” works.

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I was going to answer, but @SeventhSense has said more than I ever could.

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I’m a mix, but when professors use so many visual aids in class it bothers me. If they constantly pause to write things on the board they just said or (please say it ain’t so) if they put on a PowerPoint presentation, I just shut off. In classroom settings, I just learn better with lectures.

@Cruiser “Learn by Doing” is my univerity’s motto :)

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Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t listening…

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I learn best by doing, then by seeing, then by hearing. I’m not a girl, though, I’m a woman. tee hee.

I’m actually amazed at how many cooking skills I’ve picked up simply by being in the kitchen watching my mom over the years.

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@MissAnthrope – I am the same sort of learner, and also very much a woman.

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I learn best by asking questions and listening to the answer. I form the visual part of my learning in my mind. I don’t like just being presented with the raw facts though, or silly little analogies, I prefer the speaker to explain things in their own words and to present a greater depth of knowledge than is necessarily required to understand the concept. I often find that learning complex things makes their simpler components much easier to understand.

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There are four types of learners. Reflective Observation , Abstract Conceptualization, Common Sense Learners,and Active Experimentation. We all have different styles of learning. Transmission, acquisition, accretion and emergence.

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^^ Has Been through their freshman year at college but forgot to sell the textbook back

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I learn better by seeing and imitating than listening but it depends on what Im trying to learn.
@SeventhSense you are so right. I think I still have that text book too…

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I’m a transmission acquisition abstract conceptualizer with an emerging accretion in my sun planet. :)

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I don’t know what that means but you sound REAL smart. smile.

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Oh they dun learned me right at the teachin ‘cademy..

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@SeventhSense your killing me HAHAHA when I read that I literally screamed out loud. You a bad boy!! I’s glad you finish your schoolin’.

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Depends. i.e. In linguistic lesson you need more listening adaptation than visual adaptation,in chemistry lesson you need the contrary. Girl.I don’t think than our gender has anything to do with our method preferences.

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I learn best by doing either with [hearing] a teacher or alone with a manual, next by reading [including visuals], and last by lecturing [including visuals].
I am female.

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I do best when I read and take notes, then hear a lecture.

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I learn better doing…

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@Doctor_D Did you watch doctor Oz the other day?

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I learn best by seeing. Watching someone else do it, by prefereence. Second best is reading instructions. Listening to it – total fail for me.

And I’m male. Mostly.

@Doctor_D learning styles do tend to have a definite gender bias; more visual for men and more auditory/language-based for women.

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I learn mostly by seeing. I have a hard time learning by reading and it’s nearly impossible for me to learn by listening.

I an a guy, and like anyone else with any form of Autism, words are not my strong suit since I do think in pictures.

@downtide Look at the gender breakdown for ASDs. Last I checked, us guys “on the spectrum” outnumbered the girls by about 4–5 to 1. Is there a link?

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@jerv I’ve seen that information before, and I assume there is a link somehow but I don’t know enough about it to know why.

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@jerv my daughter is Autistic. I’d love to know more about how you learn and see the world.

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