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Do you think apple will come up with a new iPod touch with camera this year?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I only want that little thing on my iPod cause I dont want the iPhone, dont need the phone..

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I doubt it. Apple are very conscious of putting features into the iPod Touch, because they don’t want to detract from their iPhone market.

I would expect Apple to push iPhone features such as Camera, Phone and apps that use constant connectivity to the net for enterprise, while presenting the iPod Touch as a more consumer-grade media player and possibly a gaming platform. I doubt a camera will turn up soon.

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Well if you dont need the phone you may be better off going on ebay and buying one of the deactivated iphones which is basically a ipod touch with a camera.

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Apple are now talking about the iPod touch as a wifi computing platform, and as such iChat functionality would make a lot of sense. That means a front-side camera for video, though a rear-side, photography camera might not be present. This year? It’s doubtful.

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that’s weird! I was thinking the same thing earlier! But I don’t think apple will release a camera iPod touch.

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