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What happened to the term “DeathMatch?”?

Asked by mowens (8403points) August 25th, 2010

I believe Doom coined it, but now games never use it. The last I saw it was HalfLife2. Halo uses Slayer, which is stupid.

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It was probably copyrighted.

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I thought that originally too. But other games, by other companies used it!

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Pretty sure COD has team deathmatch

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Bad Company 2 has a squad deathmatch mode.

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I still see deathmatch pretty often in games.

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its not politically correct anymore, its now “unaffiliated groups of independent mercenary types struggling with aggressive opposing forces” Match

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“Deathmatch” is used in tons of games. The term isn’t copyrighted. But marketing gooks sometimes are compelled to invent meaningless new words for things to make their product seem “different” from all the others.

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Celebrity Deathmatch was one of my favorite shows.

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