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Is there a musical artist/music that brings out of your funkity-funk or crappy mood/day?

Asked by Jude (32112points) August 25th, 2010

For me, it’s Bob Mastah Marley..

Trenchtown Rock!

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..

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I have Stevie Ray Vaughan blasting right now.It keeps me out of jail ;)


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Any time I gotta get out of a funk, I put on Zappa in New York, a 1976 live album from a tour I actually got to see. If Punky’s Whips can’t break your funk, you are seriously in need of shock therapy.

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There are plenty :) First that came to mind was Louis Armstrong. I cannot hear his voice without smiling. It’s impossible.

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Lifehouse, All In is cranking right now.

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(I do want to add that when I glanced at your title, I thought you meant artists/music that make you feel funky. My answer would have been different. Though James Brown does put me in a good mood, too.)

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The Beatles do the trick for me almost every time, especially during their mid-career period.

And lately, that F**k You! song by Cee-Lo Green is working pretty well, too. It’s so damn bouncy, regardless of the lyrical content!—When he starts “sobbing/screeching” the lyrics in the bridge, I crack up. Good singers like him are also good actors!

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Cee-lo Gnarls Barkley?

I’m gonna check out the song now. :)

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Weirdly, when I am down, listening to the blues brings me back.

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Legally Blonde the Musical: it’s like sugar for your ears!

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Any Frank Marino song gets me up out of my chair rocking away the blues and You got Living does it the best of all his songs. I turn it up to 11 and start smiling from ear to ear every time.

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@marinelife When I’m down I lean towards more mellow music. Ever come acrossThe Blue Method?

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I love cheesy 80s music when I’m in a funk.

The B-52s, the Stray Cats, even some of the more bizarre Billy Idol songs (Dancing With Myself, anyone?)

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I listen to Wagner

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I turn to the healing of Constance Demby’s music. There seems to be some kind of crappy mood virus going around. J and I had our first serious argument today. I feel like shit. Maybe a dose of Procol Harum or Moody Blues will hit the spot. If that doesn’t work, there always Clapton and single malt scotch.

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Usually some Bruce-juice, Dire Straits or Van Morrison will lift me up. If I want to wallow, it’s Joni Mitchell time.

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@janbb I tend to be a “wallower” also. The “lift me up” stuff seems so phony when I’m feeling down.

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Linkin Park and The Killers almost never fail to improve my mood.

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C & C Music Factory! I don’t even have to name the song and y’all be up outcha chairs like dancin’ FOOLS, YO


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Family Force Five is the only thing so far to really bring out the funk.

Not Alone by All That Remains can turn my rage right into extacy.

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As of late, Arcade Fire‘s new album has been keeping me in a very pleasant mood.

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Any soppy love song or sad song annoys the crap out of me, and any songs with a tune that i find sad makes me feel depressed, so i avoid all this as far as i can.
There are too many songs to mention that make me glad to be listening to them.

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Iris Dement “The Way I Should”
Southern Culture on the Skids “Camel Walk” and “White Trash”
Paul Simon the entire Graceland album
Leonard Cohen, Leo Kottke, Christine Lavin, Chuck Brodsky and Richard Shindell

Chris Isaak, for some reason—I never cared much for his stuff when it was au courant, but I much like it now

Mark Knopfler any old time, any old tune.

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@CyanoticWasp Oh – I like your list.

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