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Why does my iPod freeze up every 10 minutes?

Asked by SowhatifimfromWV (37points) August 25th, 2010 from iPhone

I have a old iPod touch, around two years, and often it freezes up and nothing will work. It does it every 10 minutes. And it gets annoying. And can anybody tell me how to delete pictures? I have over 400 which I don’t want.

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To delete photos: Click on the album and a little box with an arrow will appear on the bottom. Click that and select the photos you don’t want. And press delete.

You can also restore it. That way it deletes everything faster. Having lots of apps makes it slower.

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@Tink I find it to be more of a horizontal swiping motion to call up the “Delete?” prompt.

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I think deleting potos on an iPod is different than on an iPhone since there is no camera roll and you can’t delete pictures from regular albums on either device.

To delete pictures from your iPod just plug it into iTunes and go to the “Photos” tab and uncheck the albums you don’t want.

Also what software do you have? If you’re running 4.0+ Apple is coming out with a software update to improve performance on older devices. Hope I helped!

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@rawrgrr Sadly, videos are the only thing you really can delete from an iPod without the use of iTunes. That is one thing I miss about my old Sansa e280. Though not nearly as much as I miss the ability of my Sansa’s media converter to handle most video formats as opposed to iTunes’ inability to handle anything other than MP4, thus requiring a transcoder, hard drive space for a second copy on my PC, and vastly complicating the process of syncing videos.

I find iOS 4.0 to be a great improvement in many respects. Sure, I still crash it at least three times a day due to a lack of RAM, but that is an improvement.

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@jerv It is strange that you can only delete photos in the iPhone Camera Roll but not in other albums or “Events.” I don’t know why they decided to do that.

Also iTunes does let you convert some videos to the iPhone/iPod/Apple Tv format. Though there are still some formats that it doesn’t support that I wish it did. It’s still pretty handy though.

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@rawrgrr AS soon as I reboot, I will get to try iTunes 10. However, that trick you show is far trickier than the simple drag-and-drop of Sansa Media Converter.

I found that iTunes 9 really didn’t do a great job at transcoding and thus wound up using Handbrake. Maybe 10 is better :/ Still, why should I have to do it that way instead of a simple drag, drop, hit the button? I would think that it should be as easy as music, but nooo!

BTW, when is the Linux version of iTunes coming out? (That is a rhetorical question since I doubt it ever will but hope to be proven wrong.)

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@jerv I’m sure if Apple made a single purpose media converter it’d be as beautiful and shiny and simple as almost everything they make. But iTunes is a multipurpose app that is trying to be lots of things at the same time (this is a disadvantage to some).

It makes sense though, you’d expect to see most of what you need to be in the same app that manages your media right? But yes I agree, it should at least be a bit more obvious. I guess it’s just because there aren’t that many people in need of converting their videos but I’m probably wrong.

And as for iTunes on Linux I have no idea :(. Sorrry, time will tell.

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@rawrgrr There is a reason l use three separate programs for my music, videos, and images. Most MP3 players can sync music through Windows Media Player, and as much as I generally dislike Macroshaft, it handles my music without the limits and quirks of many of the alternatives.
XnView is my favorite image program with the features I want and is pretty simple considering what it can do yet doesn’t screw me up by automatically doing stuff I don’t want done the way some programs do.
WMP:HC is a feature-filled, customizable video player with simple controls, an unobtrusive interface, and the ability to play any video I throw at it by simply double-clicking the file.
Sure, it’s three programs, but all do what they do better than any all-in-one program can.

As for why Apple didn’t make their handling of videos as simple in iTunes as they did their handling of syncing music… that oversight is a mystery and oversights like that are why I refute any/all claims that Apple is simpler or more intuitive than the alternatives. Sandisk did the video/image syncing better five years ago! And I think we both agree that Apple could do better if they tried, but I doubt they will fix that issue either. They do what they want and tell the consumer that it’s right, just like Macroshaft.

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