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Do you think being romantic is looked down up or "lame" even?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) August 25th, 2010

That question on what “American men” want got me thinking about it.

I think being too romantic and all the time is overkill. Some might argue you are just using it as an escape. I say for the moment why not enjoy it? Isn’t that the point? Let yourself go and just love someone?

I guess it depends on how you define romantic, but what do you think?

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I love,love,love it! :)

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Each individual is different in what they want/need in their life. I like romance, but not on a daily basis, I do think that is overkill. It also would minimize the feeling of romance if it was given everyday. And yes, it is all in how you define romance. Candle lit dinner or someone washing my car?

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Thank GOD for my romantic nature. It has served me well for a very long time.

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Not by me, I love “romantic” things, just haven’t always been good at them.

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@Neizvestnaya, “How much” or “how good” matters far less than “how genuine.” I’m betting you’re a better romantic than you think.

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I don’t really care if people think that it’s lame. My girlfriend and I are pretty romantic and we have no problem expressing that in front of others. Hold hands, say “I love yous”, say that we miss each other in front of others. If you don’t like it, there’s a puke bucket under your seat. :)

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Romance is a daily thing, but then again, I define “romance” very openly. Leaving a post-it-note that says “Eep op orc ah-ah!” on the door of my wardrobe is totally romantic. (Lurve to anyone that knows the source of that one!)

It doesn’t need to be long-stemmed roses every day, but you shouldn’t let a day go by without letting your beloved know that they’re beloved.

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If you think romantic is overkill, you’re going to be spending more time in bromance than romance.

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I love it when my husband is romantic and I enjoy being romantic towards him. It doesn’t have to be a huge romantic gesture in order for it to be a good one. I really like the small things that my husband does at random times.

@Seek_Kolinahr The first time I heard that song was on the Jetsons.

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I love it when a person is romantic with their partner. However, I feel the little romantic things like what @Seek_Kolinahr said with the “Eep op orc ah- ah”,(which is a song I haven’t heard in forever! :] ) that happen more often seem to be better than the stereotypical romancing that only goes on once in a while.

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@Seek_Kolinahr cute. I think a small gesture of romance makes life worth while.Do it everyday for we never know when the end will be.

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I didn’t know that anybody looks down on that. I think it’s nice. Isn’t it just all about doing a nice gesture for someone you love, for the most part?

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in romance there is one rule: YOU MUST MEAN WHAT YOU SAY! it will never be sappy if you do that.

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