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What is the best type of pillow for head and neck support?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3547points) August 25th, 2010

I was thinking about buying these because I have neck and back pain. Are these the best kind to buy, or is there another type that is better?

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I use a head and neck I bought (for way too much money) at the Back Store. It has a soft but firm ridge that supports the neck, and memory foam that cradles my head. I use it in conjunction with a full-length body pillow, which supports my back. And I keep the room pitch black so I don’t have to see myself sleeping with two funny-looking pillows. That supports my ego. ;-)

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I have one similar to that,one with just one bump and one from a chiropractor that is like a horse shoe.I don’t use any of them and sleep with a regular pillow or none at all.
I suppose you won’t know until yu try one as everyone is different. Good luck :)

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I use a pillow made of natural latex rubber that I love. It shapes perfectly to my head and neck. I’m a side sleeper and recommend it.

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There is nothing like a good down pillow.

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Wow, that is a very pricey pillow to “try out”. Do you have a physician you can get a recommendation from? I’m not really impressed with anything Tony Little has to sell.

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I use the Tempur-pedic Therapy Pillow. It is expensive (until you compare to a nice dinner for two). Have been using it for years. They also have a smaller travel version. I like the smaller better and use it all the time now. In my opinion, this is the best and most effective for me. (I’ve tried many others, and Tony Little would be a good reason not to buy the one in your ad).

The chick did not come with mine. I don’t know how much she costs.

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I think Tempur-pedic has a great reputation so I would take @plethora‘s recommendation, even if he didn’t get the girl.

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I use the same pillow as @plethora and I think it works just fine. I never liked really soft and fluffy pillows, though, so it really depends what you like to sleep on. I don’t know if it affects my back/neck at all, but I’ve never felt like I’ve had problems with them. :)

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I would note that I like fluffy down pillows too when available, as in a hotel (like tonight), but after about 10 minutes, I’m ready for the Tempur-pedic for sleep, or just for rest.

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@Deja_vu There’s nothing like a good down pillow, until you’ve got a neck injury, and then they’re the worst thing for it.

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@papayalily Also, people with lung problems are not supposed to use down pillows. The feathers could get caught in their lungs.

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@chyna Um… I don’t’ have lung problems, but I’m really against having feathers caught in my lungs. I can’t imagine that a feather wedged into an internal organ is good regardless of if you haven’t preexisting problems there or not.

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@papayalily Actually, it’s something I never would’ve thought about, but my mom has lung cancer and her doctor made sure she isn’t using anything that is goose down, so I thought I would throw that out there.

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@chyna Oh, the allergens might get stuck in her lungs.

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Pillow preference falls under the “Goldilocks Syndrome”...some are too hard, some are too soft, and some are just right. It is just a matter of finding the one that suits your sleeping needs. I normally sleep on my side, so the Tempurpedic Therapy Pillow works the best for me.

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Just take two regular pillows and lay them next to each other, each pillow sort of pushing into the other. Then lay your head in the crevice between the two. Your neck should be supported while the top of your head sinks into it.

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@All Thank you for your answers.

@plethora I went ahead and bought the Tempurpedic Neck Therapy Pillow. I’ve tested their mattress at the store and it is unbelievably comfortable. Hopefully this pillow will work and I can get a good night’s sleep.

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Let us know after a few days how it is working out for you.

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