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Do you think some questions on Fluther are more fun than others?

Asked by josie (28782points) August 25th, 2010

Certainly, there are questions on Fluther that deal with banal day to day stuff. Questions like “Should I tell my girlfriend that I am cheating on her?” and the like. Then there are other questions, that are clearly posed in order to stir up the Collective, like “Do the worthless in society have a moral claim on those who produce?” Granting the two general question philosophies, which do you prefer?

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Fun isn’t the point of fluther.

Saying that, yes. Some questions are better than others.

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@boots Just for the record-what is the point?

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@josie Look at the general section.

That’s the point.

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I would say I prefer more philosophical type questions, more serious. It depends on my mood. My favorite questions to answer are usually related to home repair, welding and electrical.

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@boots This is the Social Section

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It really depends on my mood. I like all questions and learn a little from each, but my participation varies on my knowledge of the subject and what mood I’m in.

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“Do the worthless in society have a moral claim on those who produce?”

This is your idea of a fun question? Seriously?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities i think that is kind of a fun question

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@boots lol
Of course some questions are more fun than others. This question is proof.

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I think some questions are more fun than others. I really enjoy the questions that are different from the routine questions (especially on days when there seem to be a lot of repeat questions).

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Yes, of course some questions are more fun than others. But purposefully putting sensationalist writing and/or falsehoods in a question to rile people up and get attention is obnoxious.

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@Seaofclouds I can agree with that. I try to ask different or unique questions the very few times I do ask them. Those are the ones I try to answer myself (when I have the ability to).

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Ah, @boots and @josie, answering questions, whether serious or silly, whether in General, Social or Meta, is the fun of Fluther. Sure, sometimes the debates get a bit heated, but for me, that’s fun, too. And they’re are certainly are a lot of question (like name a band) that’s more fun than a barrel of Jellies.

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I don’t know.

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@hawaii_jake Make a decision. Don’t be wishy washy. :-)

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@chyna : Okay, I’ll have chocolate.

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Once again, I’m with @hawaii_jake.

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Yes, some questions are more fun than others. The questions, though, are like art…everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes a great (fun) question based upon personal preferences. A Jelly can post a question or answer in the General section, and it can still be fun.

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Correction to last sentence of my post above. I shouldn’t be typing so fast so late. Better, @jeruba?

And there are certainly lots of questions that are more fun than a barrel of Jellies.

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Most of Daloon’s are both smart and funny. And then there’s this guy called… toot toot.

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some are more fun than others
some are dumber than others
some are more relevant than others
some are more nonsense than others
some are more ignorant than others
some are more intelligent than others
some are more offensive than others

What did I miss?

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I prefer [General]. It’s more pure.

But.. the questions are better in [Social], day to day.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”Voltaire

And it depends on what you mean by “fun”. If you mean chit-chat banter, I think it belongs in a chat room, not in [Social]. Way too much of that here, IMHO.

But some questions like.. (What was a fun one recently? ...”Which piece of art would you like to live in?”, by @rpmpseudonym) It can be “fun” to rack your brain for an hour trying to remember that ONE picture that defined you as a person. Or maybe five.

Happily edifying a party of one.

I enjoy a question that is well written and unambiguous (but abstract).

“Only the crystal-clear question yields a transparent answer.”Zen proverb

When questions are unclear you get people on multiple wavelengths at the same time and it’s.. subprime.

“We are operating on many levels here.”Ken Kesey

For example – if you meant the “two general question philosophies” in the OrigPost to be only the two examples you gave, then I MUCH prefer the latter. Unless it’s like the Cat in the Can question, which turns into a whining pussy love fest. Then it’s just as banal as your first example.

Above all, my idea of “fun” is exploring obscure points of view in answers, from unique and beautiful individuals – not a bunch of yes men, looking for some kind of point reward. In my experience the best answers rarely have a load of GA points. They are heart felt and direct, in spite of what people might think of them. Personal info and experience.

And of course I’m drawn to anyone who can turn a phrase well. It’s fun to learn from them – by their example.

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^ @ipso

“Only the crystal-clear question yields a transparent answer.” – Zen proverb

I never said that, but it’s true. May I add: only the semi-serious question in fluther will get an answer, and more importantly, lurve. @zen_ pro-verb.

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All I know is that I have no fewer than 23 random questions pop into my head, and without Fluther I would have surely perished from a violent brainsplosion by now. It’s science

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I enjoy both, but it depends on my mood which ones i tend to answer more.

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Yeah, me go play now :¬}

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I like the questions that can and do stir up debate in that aside from the obligatory hand waving they can generate, I really like to see what other people are thinking, believe in and ultimately are truly passionate about. The ultimate is where you can agree to disagree and then get a group hug! :))

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Definitely, i enjoy the mix though.

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Yes, I think so.

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I like Qs ;that either make me think or make me say: “Gee, I didn’t know that.”

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I equally rub ALL QUESTIONS all over my body.

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^um, eww^

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Yes, 37.8% more fun.

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