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Summer maybe hot most of the time but isn't it miles better than winter?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26816points) August 25th, 2010

So, it is hot, but isn’t summer way better than winter? There are many ways to cool off quick when you are hot, you can wash the car and have a hose battle, Super Soaker wars, swim, wade in a pool, jump through the fountains, retreat inside and use the mall’s or movie theater’s A/C, take a cold shower, etc. Plus you can use the heat to delay work; “I can’t do that now I might get heat stroke”. You certainly get to see who is in shape and who is not with no surprises. Winter is all cold and dank. You can’t go out in the middle of the night to dump the trash without grabbing a jacket or maybe an umbrella too in winter. You have to thaw out in a warm area or in front of a heat source for many minutes, and you can’t warm up in an instant. In winter your toes and finger tips lose their feeling and dexterity. Winter is soggy, you can’t sit an item down on the deck while you look for your keys because it will get wet from the ground, same as laying on the grass to listen to music or sitting on a park bench; all an adventure not to get wet. And we won’t even go into places with &$@#>~* snow. I am sure some still love winter, but why? Aside of the cooler maybe too cold temps what is so great about it?

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no….I love my fireplace and snow

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I always say I would rather complain about the heat than the snow. I lived in FL for 14 years, it changes your life.

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I think it is. :)

I certainly like the winter for Christmas time and snowboarding and cozy nights by the fire at Tahoe, but I much prefer summer. As I’ve said before, here in the Bay Area, winter is characterized by 30–40-degree mornings and no snow whatsoever. It’s not fun or interesting. It’s just dull bad weather and I want it to be gone as soon as possible. I don’t feel like going outside much during the winter and I don’t like being cooped up inside all the time.

It was 100 degrees here yesterday and I loved it. Bring on the heat. I was born in the summer and grew up in the desert. I crave it.

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No. Not at all. Seriously… Winter is 100% better.

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Nope. I prefer the winter. You can always put on more clothes, there’s only so much you can decently take off. Throw another log on the fire and snuggle with my sweetie. No humidity and the tourists have gone home.

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Not by a long shot. Fuck summer, let me have snow.

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Summer will never, in a million years, be my favourite season over winter. I’m in the wrong state for this. I’m going to complain about the heat anyway.

Winter is beautiful. I love rain. I would love snow if we had snow. I can stand outside without a coat and not mind the cold. It’s way easier to warm up than it is to cool down. The contrast between the “gloomy” weather and the bright colours of the plants here is breathtaking. I’m healthier and happier in the winter. Winter clothes are more fun to wear than summer clothes (I’m a coat person.) And it’s snuggling weather.

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negatory. In fact I think I have reverse seasonal affective disorder. The sun is so painful, it hurts me on my skin and in my eyes. And not to excessively disagree but..sure you CAN wash a car, go in the ac, go long as your not actually doing anything..but if your at work, or school..or just walking down the road.. you can only take off so many layers of clothes before some jerk freaks out and reports you. No, I’d much rather have 15 layers of clothes in freezing weather than sweating my butt off, makes me very irritated. And despite any religious affiliation I like the holiday season, most people are friendlier, bells and blinky lights make me giddy.

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I don’t know what it’s like to have a hot summer. We get all four seasons rolled into one day here – seriously :/
We don’t tend to get much snow either apart from last winter
It is lovely being cooped up inside by a blazing fire with the rain pelting down outside.

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Around here it costs money to those little things to cool off! I have always preferred winter!

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I love the heat, I love the climate in the top end of Australia. It is the dead of winter here now and the low today was in the 80’s. Every now and then I miss the snow and think it might be nice to go skiing for a day or so. One of these years I might, but in the meantime, love that sunshine!

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I would rather put on clothing to stay warm, than peel off clothing and sweat. The extreme heat causes all sorts of health problems for me, and I run the risk of heat stroke in high temperatures if I try to do anything outside that requires exertion. I can shovel snow until the cows come home.

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Nope. Sorry – Winter is better.

You can always put on more clothes, but you can only get so naked.

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I’m with the winter people. I love the cozy feeling of crisp cold weather.

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Summer is great and for me there is so much more I can do…but in the winter I get to walk on the water,,,shape it into monster snowmen…throw it in round puffy balls at my kids. Then there are the moonlit walks on snowy landscapes with nary another soul around except maybe tiny foot prints of a rabbit or raccoon that I can follow along. That bracing cool oh so fresh clean air you breath as you tilt your head back and catch a tongue full of snow. And my favorite is taking a long walk with your honey and watching her skip along a path in the prairie woods while I take pictures of her and the fresh fallen snow. Summer is hot and fun and winter to me is cool and very beautiful!

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Winter in L.A. is in the 50’s and 60’s. But even if it was colder I would still prefer winter. I can put on layers of clothes to stay warm, but when it’s hot it’s hot. There is nothing you can do about it.

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I’m Canadian, we are thick skinned and can stand the cold. ;-)

Really, bundling up and walking in the crisp, cool, air; winter sports; cuddling under a warm duvet and the fact that the snow is pretty; I’ll take Winter.

Summer: gross HOT, humid days where you have a hard time breathing when out and about outside. Going from your house to car to work to the Mall, to the gym to your car and back home; spending little time outside because you would be exhausted from the heat? No thanks.

The only issue that I have with Winter is when it goes on too long. That gives me the Winter blues…

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There is nothing I hate more than boob sweat. I’ll take winter, thank you.

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Or, ass crack sweat. Which according to my sister, is called “a steamy”.

Gross, I know.

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I love the winter and the snow! Cuddling is so much better when you aren’t irritated from being to hot. It’s also a great way to warm up (especially in front of a fire). I get always get warmer, but there have been many times where I’ve felt like I could not get cool enough in the summer. Oh, and I love being able to sled and ski in the winter!

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I live in Florida. Winters are better because it’s cooler.I can shut off my air and open windows!!
I can always put a light jacket when cool. I lived North Dakota. I would not trade florida winters for ND winters any day!

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I love the seasons, but hate the extremes. Too hot or too cold is insufferable. Ah, for a gentle summer!

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I didn’t think I would come across a good arguement against summer until I came across boob sweat and ass crack sweat. Still I would much prefer walking across the lawn barefoot in the summer versus winter and laying outside naked.

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@Adirondackwannabe : You lay out naked in the winter where you live? You am one kinda nutso guy!!! ;-)

I’m a winter person. I love bundling up, sleeping under heavy covers, making soup, I even like shoveling snow… But for some reason, I hate clearing snow off my car…

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@JilltheTooth That’s my fine public school education showing thru. My sentence structure still makes english teachers wince. Only lay out in the summer. Too many shrinkage issues in winter.

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Where I live winter isn’t much different than summer. It just rains more.

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Winter is not so bad.It is my favorite time of year for walking as it is so peaceful and there is usually no one out there.
Solitude is lovely :)

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We have portable items (coats, gloves, scarves) to make it perfectly comfortable to be out and about in the winter. But we don’t have portable items (air conditioned suits) to make it comfortable when it’s above 100 degrees and above 70% humidity. So at those extremes, we can have fun snow skiing, but in the heat, that’s a stay-inside day.

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@Frenchfry When I was living in Florida, I hated summer. Too hot and sticky during the day, and thoughs crazy lightening storms that swing by every evening it seemed. I never been so afraid to go outside to smoke a cigarette. I was in Boca Raton.

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@Deja_vu I know everyday like at three . It rains all to beat hell. Then stops and gets humid.I am on the other side. Close to the beach. LOL. I have been there. I used to live in Port. St.Lucie.

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I have seen it get down to 35 degrees below zero. You think I’m going to complain about 95 degrees?

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@JilltheTooth I love shoveling snow. It’s great exercise. I’m usually the only female on the street shoveling while all the men are out with their snowblowers. My husband is afraid I’m making him look like an ass because he’s not out doing the hard work. I tell him to stay inside! He works outside. He deserves a break.

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@jonsblond: Tell him he can come over and clear off my car. That should be manly enough!

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It’s feeling Fallish here today and I’m loving it!!! I’d take that over Spring anyday!

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I only dislike the mud season in spring. Congrats on the 20000 jjmah.

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I like summer, but I love going skiing so I like Winter just as much. But, my favorite season is BY FAR fall! I love a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt at a football game =]

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I love fall. Cool weather. Halloween. and Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving Black friday sales. All the kids go back to school. Ahhh! Best time of the year.

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They both have their goods and bads.

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@Deja_vu @Frenchfry But in Boca Raton you have almost 6 months of springlike weather. November to April, Februrary and March being the best. I lived there too. When you live in places that have all four distinct seasons they don’t get more than a month or two of spring and fall, unless you are very north, and summer is mild, but then the winter is harsh.

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No! I hate being sweaty! Hate it. And I hate the sort of cooling provided by air conditioners. I can always bundle myself up or go inside if I’m too cold. The natural cold is invigorating. In hot weather, I feel sluggish. I don’t like that one bit.

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I’d rather serve a winter at the Pole than a summer in the Deep South (done both).

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I much prefer the winter. A nice freezing day with snow. As long as I can go inside and warm up when ever I want.

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It never gets HOT here, except maybe one or two days every few years where the temperature gets into the 90s and it makes national news. British summers are the best of a bad lot.

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One of the many reasons I prefer the UK.

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I don’t like it too steamy in the summer, but when it’s too cold it hurts me.
Oh and @Hypocrisy_Central, Where I live an umbrella in the winter is about as useless as a bent….oh never mind.

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I do prefer summer to winter. The cold makes me feel so closed in and like I can’t get out and do anything. It can get depressing for me.

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Same. And I think this El Nino year kind of convinced me that winter really does suck. We had no spring this year. Winter lasted from December to May. It was 40 degrees in the morning in May and still raining and gloomy and depressing every damn day. I was like “if this doesn’t end soon, I am moving to Algeria…”

Also, thanks for no lurve on my first response, everybody. I’m actually not surprised that most people here prefer winter, but I’m not sure why. Maybe because most people here are introverted and spend lots of time on the computer? I’m not sure…

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@DominicX I am with you brutha, Global warming Bring it on!
Lets see winter offers holidays big whoop, skiing, snow boarding, snowman building, ice fishing, and maybe ice skating…all the while many people froze to death even with all their extra layers of clothes and jackets. You can’t stay inside snuggling all of the time or have someone available all the time to snuggle with.

Summer offers baseball, tennis, putt putt golf, kayaking , hiking, Frisbee tossing, crochet, bocce ball, road trip; cycling or motorcycle, swimming; lake, ocean, river and pool, archery, shooting range, basketball, street hockey, skate boarding, playing chess in the park, reading a book under a tree on the grass, bird watching, sand castle building, amusement parks, oh, you get the point, I can be here for an hour.

Sure….some of those things you can try to force during winter, I am sure if you had a quality wet suit and an ice pick you might be able to go swimming in the lake all of 5 minutes before they have to pull you out and take of a toe or two. Let a person get lost in summer on a camping trip and one in winter and we will see who last the longest. You can stay in the shade to escape the heat, but there is no way to hide from the cold, and no matter how many layers it will get you in the end.

Again I say Global Warming bring it on!

@DominicX Larvae for you, and more if I could.

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Yes, not looking forward to shoveling snow again.

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Ugh! No!!!! Summer is the absolute WORST season of the year!!!

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I love the cold, I can’t stand he heat. And the feeling of sitting next to an open fire and “thawing out” is great.

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I don’t necessarily love the cold, but I absolutely can’t stand the heat.

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@JLeslie True most of the year the weather is okay. Where I live now it’s like spring weather 12 months out of the year. It’s consistantly around 70 – 75 degrees :)

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Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a place like Rio de Janeiro where it’s essentially summer all year long. The average high temperatures range from 82–93 all year long. That might even be a little crazy for me. :P

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@Deja_vu I actually prefer it a little warmer for part of the year, I like bikini weather. 85 during the day and 65–70 at night makes me very happy. In the US there are no tmany spots with the temps you are in all year. San Diego, US VI, A few other places are mild, but they are cloudy and rainy, I hate that. I’d rather be in sunny and cold, then lots of days of overcast skies.

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@JLeslie, I’ve traveled around the US. I prefer comfy warm weather. Then again I’ve only seen snow once in my life.

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I much prefer winter. I hate to sweat and feel like I can’t breathe. I’d rather shovel a few days a year than have my boobs sticking to all my other body parts even one day. It’s so humid where I live in the summer… my skin breaks out, my hair frizzes up, my butt falls off- it’s a whole mess.

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The seasons of the year are similar to your last job or the job you are going too. give that one some thought…see who pick up on it!

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Oh, no! I live where winter can be bitterly cold and even dangerous. I can always dress warm enough to be safe and comfortable.

There is no amount of clothing I can remove that will allow me to be comfortable in hot humid weather!

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@Dr_Lawrence Exactly. My dad says the same thing. You can always pile on a blanket if you’re cold, but there’s only so much you can take off if you’re hot.

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@ubersiren You can’t pile on 5 blankets to go to the mall, you can’t get the change frome your pocket with 3 pairs of gloves and mittens, and if you tried to put 3 or more pairs of socks on your feet good luck geting your shoes on or not having them hurt after you had to cram your feet into them. Sounds like fun…..not….

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