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What temperature do you keep your thermostat at?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) August 26th, 2010

My husband and I can’t agree. I like it colder. He is happy it being warm. He has no fat on him though. I am not fat , fat but I can squeeze a inch. LOL.

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83 degrees when I’m not there, and 81 when I am, and I live in Vegas. Lower than that and my power bill will sky rocket in the summer.

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68 degrees in the winter and turned off in the summer.

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To be ergonomically correct, 73.5 degrees is the temperature which should be set in an office environment so I would suggest this should work for the home also as its a neutral temperature… then he could wear a jumper and you could wear a summer dress to satisfy you both, plus I’m sure your hubby would be delighted to see a bit of leg :)

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Funny,I never bother with it! I just add or remove clothes as needed XD

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Well our air conditioning only works downstairs now, and it’s 75. Unfortunately I spend 75% of the time in my 2nd story bedroom where I am constantly swimming in my own sweat.

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If it’s on, we keep it between 67-and 74. Depends on how hot it is at the time. We never leave it going for more than a couple hours. It’s morning and the weather is boiling already. Ugh.

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76 degrees in the summer and 67 degrees in the winter

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Around 80 during the day when I’m not home (we’ve had a non-stop triple digit summer) and around 72 at night.

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It’s about 68 in the winter and 74 in the summer, from what I know.

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In winter we have the fire burning and in summer we open all windows. I think 21 degrees is fine. That’s in Celsius

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75 in daytime; a little lower at night but I’d like it MUCH lower at night. )-:

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64 in the winter, and “off” in the summer.
56 at night.

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Mine is on 74 and I still have a fan on to help me sleep. Power bill still ridiculous.
Winter is usually off because I use the fireplace a lot.

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@BratLady Hey! girl! My bill usually runs $138. I have seen it up to $185. But that was when I had company for two weeks.

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I do not have one. And my heater is always off, except in deep winter, when I turn it to a cozy 25 to 30 degrees.

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68 in the summer and 78 in the winter.

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