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Throughout history, what are some good examples of nations that have seperated or declared Independance from their mother country that have been successful?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) August 26th, 2010

Soviet sattelites don’t count – it’s too soon to know.

What if Quebec separated?

What if Texas were to separate (not that they’ve wanted to – I think)?

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United States

Haiti comes to mind… oh wait… :-/

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British Dominions: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

My understanding from Canadians is that Quebec would crumble financially if allowed to separate.

Texas was a Republic before joining the United States. Only a handful of states have that distinction. This often confuses Europeans who, say, come to California and look at the flag and think something is very wrong.

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I guess Ireland and India nationalists might protest. They were wholly different people colonized and enslaved by Brits, and mustered the strength and fortitude to kick them out. Very different proposition than breakaway states comprised of the same people, as the others mentioned.

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@ipso Do you think if the occupation, or enslavement as you call it, lasts for generations, and the people in the country basically only remember life with the Brits having control, that it makes a difference, than a power that comes and goes in a short time span?

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I doubt you will find too many Irish or India nationals who think they are British – in sovereignty or genetically.

But I don’t know. I’m an American. We will have to ask them.

Even though the British Lords had full dominion to rape wholesale young women (or boys) of an entire race, and where speaking your own language was punishable by death, I don’t think there was enough “integration” going on during that time to blur the distinction. Quite the contrary actually: it tempered the distinction.

So no. I don’t think there is a difference – for the two now sovereign nations of Ireland and India.

Norway was granted independence from Sweden in 1905. They’re doing pretty damn well. And Iceland in turn from Norway after WWII. There are quite a few countries in that category I believe who were granted independence after WWII. For example Indonesia.

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Belgium, and we’re glad to be rid of it.

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@ipso Oh, I did not mean I think they feel British, I was wondering if how the country does, how successful it is, as the OP asked, did you think it depends on how long they have been occupied? I know people who are East German, and they HATED the Russians, and feel very German for sure. Not sure if East Germany fits this question. My knowledge of history and geo-politics is very poor.

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The success of the United States can be measured in many different ways.
It certainly is no longer the most economically healthy or the fastest growing or the one with the high productivity. It is certainly not the country that best protects the rights of individual citizens.

It is still powerful militarily.
It still is a place where the rich continue to get richer.
It is still able to borrow vast sums of foreign capital to finance its foreign policy.
It still has a large proportion of its population enjoying a standard of living higher than most other people in the world.
It can offer the highest quality of medical care to those who can pay for it.

There are many former British colonies that have strong economies, high levels of individual freedom and high qualities of life and which still embody many of the principles of democracy. They have high rates of literacy and affordable access to higher education. Most have some form of universal health care. None are military superpowers and most do not desire to make the investments required to become military giants. Most are countries I consider to be good example of successful countries.

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