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What commercial during the superbowl was your personal favorite?

Asked by DinoMite7 (33points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone

Just want to know whats ur favorite commercial

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you ask NOW? That was like a month ago, man! I don’t remember any of them anymore.

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my favorite is the one I think its a cell phone commercial guy sending photo to his lil girl of her stuffed monkey it shows something I think is lost in this world dads being their kids heros

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@64stang: i agree. its been quite a while.

umm.. i liked the one with the baby and i think it was etrade or some kind of online stock thing. he bought a clown but “underestimated the creepiness.” andd i liked the one with the giant carrier pigeons. that was funny.

i forgot most of them but i remember liking more than just two.

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I love the talking coffee stain.

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I like the stain and the dancing lizards that were dancing to thriller :) but it was a long time ago

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yea i saw the baby one recently was really funny

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@syz : yea, the coffee stain was was good too. that one still comes on.

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The Life Water commercial featuring Naomi Campbell and those cute lizards dancing to the song Thriller.

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you should ignore commercials, they are bad for your health, you subconciously take in commercials and they effect your ability to make your own choices

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i think they have influence over your decisions but ultimately arent your decisions still your decisions?

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Charles Barkley

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