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ITunes restarts when quitting.

Asked by klaas4 (2175points) March 25th, 2008


When I try to close iTunes, it starts back up again for no reason. I have CoverSutra and some widget which use iTunes, but when I disabled them, it didn’t change anything. I also don’t have my iPod connected.

If I can stop this without restarting the computer (which by the way can’t quit iTunes as well!), I’d be very thankful.


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- Latest version of iTunes?
– Does this behavior continue after reboot?
– Is iTunes rigged to startup at login?
– Do you employ a third-party app to control playback in iTunes (like in the menu bar)?
– Is iTunes config’d to share your music library?

I’ve never seen this behavior, and cannot think of a cause, but perhaps sharing some more information will help shake something loose.

(obligatory link to Apple Discussions on iTunes.)

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- Yes
– Dunno
– No
– Yes, as I said, but temporarily quitting those doesn’t work.
– Yes

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The main point from that article:

Latest version of iWow ( has a process called “genredetection.” If iTunes 7.5 (in Leopard) quits unexpectedly, the genredetection process doesn’t quit and forces iTunes to automatically relaunch and spawns a second genredetection process. Here is where the problem starts. Now, whenever you try and quit iTunes normally, either via command key or file menu, the genredetection process continue to force iTunes to relaunch and continues to respawn new processes of itself. At this point, iTunes becomes practically un-quitable. You now have to go into the Activity Monitor application and force quit all the “genredetection” processes that have spawned and only then can you actually quit iTunes. I consider this a serious bug. Seeing as how we all know SRS’s support is non-existent, we’ll see if this ever gets fixed.”

You can disable SRS WOW to be able to quit itunes until find a fix for this.

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Yes, I just saw it!

You’re great! Thanks!

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iWow was my problem too. It’ll double up processes if it crashes. You just have to force quit one from Activity Monitor.

I’ve also heard of people having a similar problem who use the iTunes widget.

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iWow it is!

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