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Whom do you admire?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) August 27th, 2010

Former President Carter just left North Korea after negotiating the release of an American who had been imprisoned since January for illegally entering the country. I’ve always admired Mr. Carter for his activities and achievement in his post-presidency—imagine, 85 years old and still flying around the world to help people—and wonder whom you admire in a world filled with so many un-admirable role models?

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I admired my father. ;)

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I admire my kids. They have so much more coming at them these days than I ever did and somehow they keep smiling and doing the right thing. I am amazed at the information overload these kids are under and just don’t know how they do it without their heads exploding.

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You, @Austinlad, just you. ;-)

All kidding aside, I admire my father. He was born into abject rural poverty and fought his way out to become a solid middle class citizen and was even appointed to a state board by two separate governors.

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I admire Carter, too. I want to hug him and thank him for all the work he does. He’s a true example Christian charity.
I admire people like @hawaii_jake‘s father. People who have to fight and work and don’t complain about their lot in life.

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obama….and my mama (sounds like good tv – chico and the man??)

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(I admire your usage of the word “whom” in a question.)

There are tons of people who I admire, but the first name that leaped to mind was Michael J. Fox for creating awareness about Parkinson’s disease. When I found out he had been diagnoses, I wasn’t concerned about his retirement from the limelight… I thought we might lose him completely. Instead, he has written several books about his experience, donated money to charities, advocated political campaigns for stem cell research, and has been relatively open about his experience. He’s an all-around cool dude.

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Anyone who selflessly gives up their time for the needy & underprivileged in society has my utmost admiration. Good on ya guys!!

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My ancestors. Who had suffered so much and were probably so afraid but they pulled through for me and my childrens sake.
Marcus Garvey, Malik El Shabazz, Harriet Tubman, Nanny of the Nyahbinghi, Benjamin Banneker, Denmark Vesey, William Still, Nat Turner, Langston Hughs, Frederick Douglass, Charles Drew, George W. Carver, Any many, many more. Ashe’!

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I admire the owner of Wikileaks. And Neal Stephenson.

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I admire Steven Paul Jobs.

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I admired my father. He passed away this time last year. I have not found a new admirer yet. Not sure I want to.

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I admire physicians and nurses who move to unsanitary, disease-ridden locales to care for the sick with no pay. Even if its “just” for a short time.

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I think Eliezer Yudkowsky is awesome as heck. If I were to nominate someone for the title of Most Intelligent Person On Earth, he would be it.
He’s also a very entertaining writer.

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My sister in law whom doctors said would live to see another Thanksgiving. She still tries to do everything she can for herself. She’s in a lot of pain from the cancer but is such a kind person. I’ve always admired her kindness and now I admire her positive attitude.

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My Father (my he rest in peace)
People who dedicate their lives to helping others
Movers and shakers
Master Creaters
People who accomplish the seemingly impossilbe
and the people who find and maintain pure love and joy :)

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I admire anyone who lives their lives as they wish, for them to stay on the path that they chose for themselves. People who are not afraid to make choices, make mistakes, accept them and learn from them.

I admire selfless people and those who despite horrible circumstances manage to come through difficulty with more dignity and strength than before.

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I really admire women who can present themselves as real women without demeaning their gender. Lucille Ball is my idol, Tina Fey, Madeline Khan.
I’m impressed by people who have gained respect through their own talent and hard work.
I admire by mother for being as strong and wonderful as she is.
I admire people who take the time to show genuine kindness and class.

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I admire my Autistic daughter. Who lives by her own rules, in her own head and isn’t afraid to be herself. Society doesn’t exist for her.

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