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What's a reasonable wage to propose to work retail sales at an independent consignment boutique/gallery?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) August 28th, 2010

The shop is one-woman owned, eclectic and sells everything from repurposed and refurbished vintage and antique furnishings to jewelry to fine art. I just need some dollar amount to start with and it would be for someone with plenty of customer service skills but little experience specifically in this kind of environment.

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$10—$12 would be reasonable.

I’d start at $10 and raise to $11—$12 within 6 months to give incentive and pay a little better for a decent employee.

If it’s ultra part time, less than 15 hours a week, I’d go with $15

But, I believe in paying a generous wage to those that I need/want to be valuable to me.

Min. wage is a JOKE!

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@kevbo I had actually offered my services to a resale boutique near my home for minimum wage, but paid in cash. The woman wanted to do it, but her husband didn’t.

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@chyna – Paid in cash as in no tax reporting? I’m not judging you with that question, I just wonder if the husband has had that scenario go bad on him or someone he knows in the past.

@Coloma – Amen! Minimum wage is definitely a joke.

To answer the question – I think $9 to $10 an hour to start would be reasonable. Then, as the person gains knowledge of the products, bump their wage up. I would start at that wage for 30 days, then start moving them up.

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I think the answer to this question depends greatly on where you live, I suspect that if you requested $15 an hour for a retail position anywhere in this area you would be laughed at. That’s all. What state are we talking about?

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I would agree that $10 an hour would be fair, with increments upon satisfactory job performance evaluations every 6 months.

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This would be in Albuquerque. I was guessing $9, but I have no context (hence the question). It’s sounding like $10 is fair, but by all means comment away.

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Unfortunately I don’t know the right answer, but maybe someone closer to you geographically will.
You wouldn’t even get $9 here for a similar position, but I also live in an area that is severely economically depressed (and has been for 40 years.)

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I would guess $10 minimum to start. I’m in New England and pay $9 to semi-skilled seasonal agricultural workers, a shop assistant is worth at least 10% more.

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Hm. Here in DC, you’d probably get about $9 – $11 for that kind of work. It would all depend on how persuasive and articulate you make yourself look to the employer.

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