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Can you un-jailbreak a iphone?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 25th, 2008

I want to know, because i don’t feel like waiting for the next update. But i will only do it if you can undo the jailbreak. So when the update comes…...Wham! Back to norm and ready for the update. >>>Side qusetion; what happens after your phone gets locked out if you jailbreak and at&t locks it? Are you screwed? Do you have to pay for it to get it unlocked?

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Restoring your iPhone via iTunes usually does the trick. There’s also a re-virginizing process for those who may have done more then just a jailbreak. ZiPhone can “un-jailbreak” with ease.

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Thank you.I will download today.

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If you jailbreak your iPhone and AT&T locks it you are scewed. You cannot pay to get it unlocked, and you will have to buy another iPhone.

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you can fix your iPhone by restoring it. There is a button that says Restore on the iTunes screen when you plug in your iPhone to the computer. This will reset it to its factory settings. (Non-jailbroken)

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Restore will not work once AT&T locks it. iPhone will be bricked.

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word of caution, I jailbroke my iPhone and wanted to restore and tried to put my backed up info such as contacts and things back on and all of a sudden my email app didn’t work or load. I hade to restore completely so you may lose all your txts and pics. Not a huge loss but one you wantto be aware of

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worked like a charm. This will keep me busy till the update.

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hey i have a jailbroken iphone as well and i kinda want to un-jailbreak it so i can get the new app..does restoring it actually work or not??

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well not the new app, i meant the new 3.0 software. my bad

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does apple usualy brick it so should i jailbreak it

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