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Where can I buy large swaths of stretchy white fabric that I see at some underground parties?

Asked by vann (18points) March 25th, 2008

I’ve seen fabric like this used many times over the years at underground parties in San Francisco. The fabric is often used to section off a dance floor, stretched in, say, 10’ by 20’ swaths, affixed by strings or pins to the walls, ceiling and floor, forming giant fabric sculptures. I’ve seen large clam like forms made, cave-like forms that appear to hover over the dj console, and simple wall and panel shapes. It’s a material Cristo would love, and I’d love to use it to partition my own living room.

The material is white, thin, with fine threads, fairly densely weaved but appearing very stretchy, but only very partially translucent. It’s cut in swaths far too wide to find at a fabric store; this is not material made with yard-width lengths stitched together lengthwise. Likewise, it’s too designy to be of any industrial purpose I can imagine, like for a sail, for example.

Can any underground party promoters out there lend me a clue on where to purchase such material?

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Call britex right off of Union Square. They’ll help you.

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a textile warehouse its where designers get all their fabric

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Check out Pink Inc. Really cool stuff. I’m not sure if you can buy yards of it, tho.

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