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Do you know of a good desktop-based "list-making" software for Windows?

Asked by delta77 (196points) August 29th, 2010

I currently use Omnifocus on my Mac and I want a similar type of program for my Windows PC. It does not necessarily have to be a task management program like Omnifocus, but I want it to be like Omnifocus in that you can create lists in one program and drag and drop items in the list to different lists. Is there any such program that is anything like this for the PC?

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I don’t know of any program like that but I could write one for you as long as the original lists are in a text file. Basically, the form would have two list boxes with check box options. You load one list into list A and the Target list into list B. Then you selct the items in List A to “Add” to list B.

I could do it in VB6 with a setup.exe in case you don’t have the appropriate setup files on your computer, ie, dll’s and ocx’s.

Let me know if you want it done, it’ll take a few days and Ill need to test it with a sample list. “It’s free until I say it’s not”

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I’m almost finished the utility but now I realise that you use a mac and I don’t do “Mac” as the syntax is slightly different and I’m not familiar with the structure, sorry.

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no, i use windows 7, not Mac

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