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What does it mean when a guy wants to watch a movie?

Asked by LaHermineta (15points) August 30th, 2010

This guy I’ve been dating invited me over to watch a movie and I said yes, but what should I expect? Does a guy inviting you over to watch a movie really mean he wants to watch a movie lol??

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There’s only one way to find out.Bring a taser ;)

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It really depends on the guy. Do you know him well enough yet, or perhaps you should not share the couch, but sit in separate chairs.

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Maybe he wants to cuddle…or more. ;)

Haha, he could be just wanting to spend time with you and get to know you better, like @Ben_Dover said it really depends on the guy.

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It depends on whether his parents will be in the same room with you or not! If they are it will mean you will be expected to pass the popcorn to them.

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We already kissed and stuff, but I’m just wondering what goes through a guys mind when he asks you to come see a movie. Like does he really want to just watch a movie or is he expecting something??

No parents, he has his own house. We’ve been on 3 dates by the way.

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It may mean he simply wants to watch a movie. On the other hand, he may want to watch you watching a movie. Alternatively, he may want to make out & sees the movie as a less than subtle but perfectly common “way in” so to speak. The moral being, watch out for the watcher’s for they…..blah blah blah blah :¬D

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Yeah, I made that assumption in college, and was shocked to find out it is NOT about the movies.

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When I ask a girlfriend over to watch a film it usually just means that. She can bring a friend if she wants! :-/

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@Scooby‘s use of the double entendre is masterful indeed! Well played, sir.

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Movie = movie.

Coffee = sex.

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I guess we should ask what the proposed movie’s title is?

For example, with the exception of a certain Disney flick, beware anything with “Holes” in the title.

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If he’s expecting something that you are uncomfortable with, it is fine to say no. however, I seriously doubt that he wants to do anything other than get to know you better (in a completely non-sexual way) and watch a movie with you.

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Loll…had girl in my neighborhood years my young days. She approached me in the yard and we sparked up a conversation and she popped the question. Do you want to watch a good movie? I immediately said, “sure!” She brought this wild porn movie to watch. ummmmm Nothing like good neighbors!

Your question: How well do you know this guy?

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Pretty sure he’s hoping for some major making out and maybe more. Take a condom.

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To give him the benefit of the doubt, I’d say he actually wants to watch the movie. You know, before you “seal the deal”.

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We men usually mean what we say, though we hint at sex occasionally. Still, it sounds like he actually wants to watch a movie.

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It’s what I always mean when I invite a lady to my house.

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Sometimes a movie is just a movie.

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It depends upon your ages.

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Look, if you’ve been hooking up with this guy, and he’s interested, he wants some quality time alone from the world. No reason for you to feel nervous. If you feel uncomfortable sit on a different couch or leave some space between you two. I’m not saying his intentions are to automatically hook up with you, but it’s an opportunity to get closer…

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It sure would be nice if a date would come over and watch a movie.
Or do my laundry.

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He wants to have sex.

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8.625 times out of 10, yeah, in my experience, the man wants something sexual to happen between you two once you’re there. Maybe after the movie. If you’re comfortable with that, then no worries, right?

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It means “Let’s watch a movie”. What does it mean when one types “lol”?

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OMG! No Way! He totally wants to bang you! :O -just kidding

Well I think he may want to get to know you better, personality and stuff, hope it’s a horror movie then you could pretend being scared and he’ll touch you and protect you.

Ahh….wonder when that is going to happen to me.

ucme's avatar If that’s what’s on offer…...well you do the math XD

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If he hasn’t made any moves so far then it’s just to watch a movie. If the selected movie is a romance (chick-flick) then he wants more than just “popcorn” with the movie.

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If you’ve already been dating then he wants to relax with you, likes you (or wants to make out with you) enough to open his home to you.

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Maybe I was too nice of a guy (or too literal), but when I asked my girlfriend to watch a movie, I meant watch a movie.

That being said, I’d listen to @lucille and @Simone and bring a taser and a condom.

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What do you want? Do you feel uncomfortable? If so, say so and see if he is willing to change plans so that you feel better. This will say a lot about him.

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He wants to kiss you!

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He may want to check out your Hairy Potter.

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If he just wants to watch a movie, he’d invite the fellas over.

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Men are funny that way. They never mean what they say and they are always reading into what you say. I dated a guy once who was doing his laundry at a laundry mat at 11:30pm. I felt bad for him and since I had a washing machine in my apt. I invited him up to my place to finish his laundry. I figured he would appreciate the gesture and not having to use all his quarters and save some money. Well later on I found out that he really thought that I was using laundry as a pretext to get him up to my apt. for sex! What a fucking idiot. I stopped seeing him. He was too dumb to keep. My advice: Bring a condom.

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Go and see for yourself.. :P He’s probably going above the first stage. Bring mint spray with you. hahah :P

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Give the poor bloke the benefit of the doubt please here, not all Men have one track minds!! you can Still take a girlfriend over with you for moral support.. I’m sure he won’t mind ;-)
Don’t forget a couple of beers or a nice bottle of wine or two, would be a nice gesture… :-/

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Sometimes I’ve invited a girl over to watch a movie because I wanted to watch a movie and its a cheap date. Other times I’ve invited a girl over to watch a movie so I could have a private place where I could make a pass at her.

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Funny I just read this yesterday, and then the topic came up in real life in the evening. A friend was telling me that she went to this guy’s house to watch a movie this weekend, and it turned out that he wanted to make-out.

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@answerjill Just make out? What a pansy lol…..:P

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Maybe he just wants to lay down with you and cuddle. Other things MIGHT be on his mind but you won’t know until you go.

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@Blackberry He may have had other ideas, but my friend was kind of uncomfortable with him, so it didn’t go far…

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I’m glad it didn’t go far and turned out okay for your friend. :)

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