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What do you think would happen if another country or countries tried to invade the U.S.?

Asked by eevo19 (33points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone

My co-worker and I got in a heated conversation over this one. I said an invading force would have trouble just dealing with the citizens that already have guns!

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Fair point about the guns but america wouldn’t stand a chance against the combined forces of say chin and N Korea.

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I don’t think that an invading army would any trouble with the citizens of the country. How many people do you know that have tanks? Or airplanes? Our army would kill them I’m sure though.

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they would get their buts kicked

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You know, some highly academic plans have already been drafted. Endgame.

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remember hiroshima?

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I find it unlikely that many modern Americans would have the balls to stand up against an invading army, considering how spinless and easily persuaded we’ve shown ourselves to be in reference to our domestic political bullies. But you never know. The French sure gave the Nazis a hell of a time while they were occupied.

Fortunately, (as of now) too many foreign markets rely on our economy. So it’d be bad business to invade us, or at least enough countries would feel the same and cone to our defense.

Money speaks an international language.

P.S. For anyone interested in this subject, there was a (kinda cheesy) movie called Red Dawn about the USSR invading a town in Colorado or somewhere. Gotta love political dogma from the early 80’s.

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Aren’t we in debt like a couple trillion ???
and atop of all the mess most of our national gaurd is over seas ??

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A couple? Try over nine trillion!

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with that in mind, how would the u.s. Fund another battlefront in the mainland ?

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Probably by going even deeper into debt. It couldn’t hurt that much more. I don’t money would be a major problem. And I doubt anyone would would want to invade us anyway. There would be virtually no chance for invaders to succeed.

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Another aspect I’m surprised no one has touched on is how many people have nukes.

You’d be surprised by the behavior of anyone backed against a wall.

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Depends on the country. If it is Mexico, we could probably have the San Diego Police department handle it.

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What would happen..

Thirld World War, total planetary destruction, nuclear attacks, drastic (even more!) climate change -> extinction of mankind.

Yet, no one will win.

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honestly I doubt anyone would make it far past our shores without seeing a fight. I have fought over seas as part of a small special forces unit and I have seen what we would be up against. Like the USA or not, we really pull together as friends when under fire. You would be suprised what you can endure. This is the same reason we will not invade Iran, they are much like us as people go. Aside from all that, I wish for peace on earth and alot less prick waving.

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