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I'm starting a business and need a name, can you help?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) August 30th, 2010

I’m starting an organizing business… you know, I’m going to be a professional organizer, an organizational consultant of sorts. And I want to help people redesign their spaces as well – office and residential.

I always wanted it to be “organized chaos” but that’s taken. My sister just came up with “Simplicity by Samantha Rae” and I kinda like it.

Any suggestions?!

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Have you found this organization yet?

How does a take off on Best Buy’s Geek Squad sound – Neat Squad

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@YARNLADY : thank you, I am aware of and in touch with the President of Bay Area’s NAPO chapter! Neat Squad is cute but idkk.

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I like neat squad. Or, how about Neat Nik?

Definitely be a part of NAPO and get listed on their website. The first organizer I used I found in the yellow pages. The second one years later was on the web.

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Order From Chaos?

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Space Invaders

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@Ben_Dover : that’s cute!! but “invader” sounds a little negative, no? :/

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@Samantha_Rae No more negative than organized chaos.

But how about The Feng Shui Shack?

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“Sought To be Sorting”

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I like your sister’s suggestion,it’s more elegant and conventional. If I can say I would say “Infinite Definition by S.R. Whichever name you choose it’s better if the name could reflect/represent your personality in this particular field.

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If you are going to advertise on the Web then you should probably include the word “organize” within the name of your company so that you can be found by seach engines easier, thereby increasing your business.

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I love Simplicity by Samantha Rae!!!!

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@Samantha_Rae, coming up with names for things like companies and products has been part of what I do in marketing and advertising for decades, and I have a suggestion for you based on my experience. Rather than shoot down each name as a Flutherite suggests it, make a list of all the names you get without making any decisions about them yet. Also, make a list of words that alone, or in conjunction with another, somehow convey what you want potential clients to get from the name. Continue to capture ideas from other people and brainstorm on your own, and when you have a long list—a 100, say—do a cursory trademark search (several sites provide this service free) and delete all the ones on your list that are taken. Many of them will be. Only then should you start trying to select a finalist, but don’t trust your own judgment entirely… get feedback from others. Names you love may not play as well as you think, and ones you don’t may really click with others. I could share all kinds of techniques for naming a company, but the main thing to remember is… well… you’d have to pay me to get that tip. ;-)

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In Order?!?!

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Spic ‘n Span

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